The Ecommerce Sales Can Get Along Really Well with Google Shopping

Google is a giant application and so do its shopping. It has the potential to take the friction out of online purchasing but it will take time to beat the other huge e-retail monsters like Ebay and Amazon. They are the biggest sellers over the world with zillions of users and customers who are trying their hands on making the purchases from these portals.

Shopping with Google is a dexterous experience and how it can transform the online shopping level for the future websites will be a good thing to see.

Comprehensive View of Google Shopping

Type any query in Google search bar, let’s say “Blue dress for women”. Now, as Google is much more focussed on displaying the organic as well as paid results, it is likely that you find the product in the first search. It might be an organic result or a paid one but that’s not the concern of the customer. Going all the way to Amazon or eBay, typing the product and then finding the exact same seems to be a hefty thing to me. On the contrary, if you can easily find the product via Google query, I don’t feel it right to choose the ecommerce portals over Google.

It’s like a lottery system if you find the product in organic results. Also, shopping this way offers a better experience owing to the ease of clicking on the product instantly and buying it.

Voice Search

As we all are making the optimum use of intuitive voice search by Google, it comes in handy for shopping as well. The rapidly growing need of searching everything on Google has taken a new turn with the voice search feature. However, you don’t need to input the question using your sensitive fingers. Simply speak and Google will display the most relevant results.

Open Google and say “Home Appliance”. It will show up the appliances in the search results, now to filter this query, say “Under $50”. The game begins here as Google will now show the mixed results because the query is not clear. Here, the organic results have dropped and the similar results are being shown for various stores dealing in the appliances.

This feature is going to improve in the near future if people will switch their search criteria more towards Google. Just be confident of what you do and Google will never stop amazing you.

Complete the Transaction at the Site

Don’t worry about the sales procedure! If your site is showing up in the results, people have to visit your portal to complete the purchase. Google will not steal your product, HAHA.

Before letting the customer head over to your site, Google displays the product information in the results so as to make it easy for the customer to decide whether or not to buy it. To be in the Google protective funnel, it might come up with a feature of finishing the purchase without even landing on the site. Of course, the money will go to your account if any purchase is done.

In order to reap the maximum rewards of Google search, I would highly recommend you to add the detailed product information that Google will show to the potential customer. If you own an apparel store, adding as much information about a particular product is essential to come up in the optimized results.

Any product that is displayed carries some information that attracts the viewer to click on the link. So make the most out of this feature of Google and improvise the future of Ecommerce. Assist Google to constantly enhance its features and deliver an impeccable shopping experience!

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