ETSY Photo Dimensions: Learn The Basics For Product Listings

ETSY Image Dimension

In current world as the vogue of online shopping is hiking, the set of standards for e-retailers is also getting jumpy. ETSY is a peer to peer e-commerce website and a renowned platform to buy and sell. Since 2005 this website has been ruling the e-commerce realm. For the buyers, there are no certain set standards to follow but for the sellers, there are immense. The topic that we are going to cover today relates to the dimensions of product images that sellers have to list of the site for selling purposes. You will get to assimilate what the site recommends, the orientation of the pictures and some of the image editing tools suggested.

Let’s take a look at each of the aspect carefully and in-depth:

As per the requirement of the images, you need to make them for maximum size of 800-1000 pixel wide. If you use the originally displayed image of this size then it can let users use the zoom button to have a larger view of the product. It is recommended to use images of the suggested size and not more than that. If the files happen to extend the suggested size then it will be difficult to upload.

Image Orientation

When you are listing first image, it is suggested to use it horizontally or in landscape format. This is to ensure that the central focal point of the picture get displayed on the screen in cropped thumbnail views.

Image Editing Tools

To make simple edits in the picture such as cropping, you don’t really need editing software. This could be done while you are listing the image at the website. Once when the image is listed, you can then click at the pencil icon in order to edit the image, mainly crop. The process of cropping an image is quite simple. You just have to select the size and the drag the image from the corners to customize it as per required.

For advance editing, it is recommend using software for photo editing. We have two great suggestions for you that can come to a routine use for bulk image editing and their services are available for free.

  • Aviary by Adobe: One of the best online photo editing tools that might help you to edit photos online and very easily. You can upload images from your PC / Mac, Use photos from Creative Cloud or you can simply take the photos using your Web-Cam attached.
    There are lots of options you might find when an image is uploaded or taken to the Aviary. You can adjust light, crop images, re-size images, and others adjustment. If you have heard of using Adobe Photoshop for E-commerce Product Photo Optimization, there the basic options available for tweaking a photo. See the screenshot below.
    Aviary Editing Panel

  • Pixlr Photo Express Online: Pixlr can be an option to edit photos online. Its mostly likely the same as Aviary by Adobe.

    Pixlr Photo Editing Panel

People seem to have quite a lot of interest in this software. Therefore, given the high significance online, you can select any of the above mentioned options for photo editing for ETSY.

Apart of these online tools the experts and professional sellers might want to use Professional Services for E-commerce Product Listing on ETSY and others platform. Professional Product Photo Optimization can be done using Adobe Photoshop. You may not have much familiarity with this application as it requires depth knowledge editing photos on Photoshop & Lightroom. If you ever thought of using Professional Photo Retouching or Editing services there are lots in the market around the world providing with Background Removal and Photo Optimization Services. I will link you to one of the best named “Cut Out Image –” to give it try if you have a budget.

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