Good Packaging Decides the Success of a Product – Why?

Think of a product and you will get the visualization of how it looks. Isn’t it? Say, I talk about Maggi, the world’s famous noodles that are recognized globally. What picture do you get? The yellow packaging with the image of noodles on the top, am I right?

Good packaging has the potential to make or ruin the success of a product. The concept of packaging came into limelight when the trend of packaged products caught fire. It is very clear that most of the online customers buy a product due to its beautiful packaging that brings the customers attention aloft. Majorly, visual experience attracts the viewers and increases their buying potential.

To make your website perform off-the-charts, it is good to add some reviews about the product packaging. Starbucks is a coffee brand and whenever we think of it, its logo and cups come into our mind. Why? Because the logos and images leave an everlasting impact on our minds! It doesn’t matter much what’s inside the cup or can or bottle but the beautiful packaging really do.

How does it Matters?

For the eCommerce operations, it is extremely important to make the customers feel genuine about your brand. However, it helps them welcome your brand into their home with 100% satisfaction and happiness. To create such an image in their minds, show them the beautiful side of product packaging and make a winning moment. Few points are there to ponder upon for the successful relations with your customers, check them out.

Stay Simple yet Strong

Though product packaging has a lot for the customers, being over-showy can lead to a decrease in the customers. To showcase a brand, packaging plays a major role but not if the outer designing is not appealing and soothing to the eyes.

You don’t always have to design a fancy package to stand out from the crowd but a simple packaging will do. Let’s take an example of Ebay that sends over the parcels to the customers from the third parties and only has a simple logo on the outer box. Put simply, it depicts that Ebay is the sender which is an instant impression on the mind of the receiver and no special fancy packaging was required.

Such a packaging convinces the customers about the genuineness of the product and makes them feel as if the product belongs to Ebay. It plays a swindle to the excitement of the customer by delivering a third party product through Ebay box package.

Nice Packaging Helps Induce more Interest

Nice product packaging tempts the viewers to know more about your brand. Think of a beautiful package that you might have seen in your last visit to grocery store. You will immediately pick the product to see the packaging clearly but not the product. However, the thing that lured you was the packaging and not the product itself. It clearly indicates that once you were satisfied with the package, the next step was to move ahead to know what the product was. Wasn’t it?

Owning an ecommerce brand is a bit easy as compared to selling it in the land based stores. Yes, you heard it right. To let more people find you, a common goal must be to supply your products to at least one store and have it shelved.

It is believed that 66% of the customers try a product owing to the eye-catching design. So why not design a beautiful package to land like a rock star in the market?

Try These Sure Shot Tips for Exceptional Packaging

To refresh the product packaging, try these tips:

  • Use beautiful stickers and notes
  • Add the logo on the package to show your identity
  • Print your best selling items to create an awareness
  • Give away some gratuity or bonus to the customer for a surprising feel

Lastly, don’t forget to add the review of the product packaging mentioning its look and feel. Show people who you are and why you are in the market!

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