Influential Ways To Photograph Clothing For An E-Commerce Website

Different products have different photography tips. It is crucial that you don’t mix them with one another. Clothing products are not as tricky as that of jewelry products. You don’t have to capture the shine and every single detail while photographing apparels. Yet, we thought of giving you a piece of help in making the clothing photography endeavor easier for you. For anyone who owns a clothing web store and looking for great tips that can enhance their product photography, these are the tips that can help you in best way-

  • If you have ever observed, most clothing websites use mannequins or live models to take product images. It is always better to give a live view to the customers of how the product will appear when they will wear it. The spectrum of selling a clothing item substantially increases when it is portrayed on a live model or mannequin. If you cannot afford a model then you can always go for mannequins, they won’t charge you anything after all.
  • There is no denying the fact that clothing can work fine on a mannequin. But if you want to go to the extreme ends and money is not a hitch for you, no choice better than a model. A charming face wearing your beautifully designed pieces and trying to encourage the viewers to immediately press “Buy” button on their web screens is like a dream come true. Believe me; sales are extremely hampered if you are not using right tactics to multiply them. The downside here is that the models are extremely expensive to afford but then again, if money is not a problem for you then this is what we encourage you to do.
  • Ghost mannequin is also an excellent way to present your clothes online. However it appears a little scary since your clothes are floating on the web space since an invisible mannequin is wearing it. But whatever, many ecommerce owners are heading towards this as well. With this technique, you can also give 3-d view of the product. The process of taking ghost mannequin is not a piece-of-old-tackle but it is highly effective. It saves the complexity to displaying a mannequin and cost of hiring a model. All it requires is taking picture of a product from the front, back and, inside-out. The background is then removed with clipping path techniques, or any other that your designer approves.

There are countless ways that can enhance different types of product photography. This is just a beginner’s guide to get started when you are new in clothing business. Every ecommerce website holder must be aware of different tips that are crucial for product imagery. I hope by now you understand how imperative these things are and pay extra efforts on them. Make sure clothes are ironed perfectly and there is no flaw in the cloth piece before sending it for shoot. The product photography is the only way to invite more people to your website and encourage them to make purchase in a silent way.

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