Sprouting Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Trends: 2015 Lookbook

The word E-commerce, after being introduced in everyone’s life has become a routine endeavor. There was a time when shopping was to rush to the nearby stores or malls, spend whole day tossing on few things to buy, wasting time in visiting from one store to another, standing in long queues, and getting exhausted on reaching home. OMG! This looks so gloomy. Shopping should be fun not a matter of containment.

Then E-trading was introduced to the world and wow, it changed everything. A flood of newly built websites came at online realm and everyone was all about sharing online presence. Year after year, trends kept changing and newer things were commenced online.

Now we are in year 2015 when newer fashions are clouding the online marketplace. Mobile friendly, more commonly known as responsive designs are in fashion. These designs are stealing the shows these days. Upcoming sites in 2015 have to be designed according to the protocols defined. Even the websites that were made in past are amending the standards.

The impact of mobile friendly portal has intensified in few years. In this year, what else have influenced e-commerce designs are set forth:

Concealed Menus:

Unlike desktop sites, the mobile navigation of a website is hidden. This is due to the limited source of space available at the screen. Be it the Global Navigation or E-commerce Navigation, both are equally necessary for a website. Both the bars are finely concealed and attached to one part of the screen. This is because of the fact that people can also browse the site without having to get troubled with the navigation popping in, every time they touch the screen.

The popularity of hidden menus, more commonly named as hamburger menus have increased phenomenally. No matter what kind of website you own, if it is responsive then the menus will be concealed.

Concealed Responsive Menu

The fashion of hidden menu make the site looks tidier and larger. It is also being adopted for the desktop view of the websites. Some of the lately made websites have also adopted the trend for the desktop view of their website.

It looks like some people that are new to e-commerce or at least mobile commerce finds it difficult to locate hamburger menus. The process is very simple and you don’t have to feel perplexed on viewing the icons on the menu. As you click the icon, the drop down will take you to the desired menu.

Responsive Trends:

The screen resolution and space has to be adjusted in such an order that all the contents of a website are finely visible on the screen. Responsive sites have become a success mantra for all e-commerce numbers. These sites also get more credibility from Google and help in hiking the possibilities of increased number of users. Beside the likability, there is one obvious reason for responsive site and that is to fit the content of website easily on smaller screens.

Responsive ecommerce trend

Just like a video game that can easily fit itself in every possible screen size, e-commerce sites are also mandatory to adjust according to the size. It has been widely accepted that maximum proportion of traffic at the site is from the smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets in comparison to large screen desktop or laptops.

Outsized Words:

Typography trends have also been experiencing huge transformations in 2015. There will be notable changes that are likely to come up in the coming years. This has specially to do with responsive websites. A major part of emphasis is given to the responsive and mobile friendly websites given the fact that trend of mobile commerce has been adopted with more pace than desktop commerce.

Typography trends 2015

Some of the very interesting fonts are to be added in the predefined list. The designs are becoming bolder and more managed. The text has to be so adjusted that beside the size of the screen, it could fit in just fine. It will also enhance the look of the overall website. This will not only make monitor display of the website more interesting but will also beautifully craft the presentation of mobile websites.

Aesthetic Photography:

Photography is winning places in all sorts of e-commerce niche. Images not only have to be optimized but so well taken that they can entice buyers. Be it the larger version of images or the smaller ones, they have to look endearing and perfect for all screen types. There is no excuse for small screen displays to hamper the quality of images. Responsive designs with optimized images also increase the speed and performance of the website. These images can help online businesses to increase their sales. The home page needs to have larger images and the product images should follow the predefined measures. Influential usage of images can increase your sales potentially. This is the newest way of tempting buyers.

Wonderful Product Photography

Interesting Backgrounds

E-commerce and marketing experts have always touted the usage of videos for best and most influential marketing. The videos add more number to the selling of the products of your website. It is an efficient tool to attract customers to your portal. It is being expected that portals that will be commencing their online businesses will take help from videos for marketing jaunts. YouTube and other high-flying platforms can be used to accomplish the task and backlinks can be given to your e-commerce portal to draw visitors.

Inserting Nice Background

Material Design:

With the inventions of innovative technology, e-commerce is also taking best possible advantage from the perks. Material Design is the visual language being developed by Google to add an oomph factor to the classic and boring web designs. It will readily improve user’s browsing experience. It makes the performance of website highly efficient and no matter what kind of internet user is using, the demeanor of the portal will not be affected at all.

Metarial Design

In this way there are many interesting transformations that will come up on the horizon in year 2015. All the effort is made to give you best shopping experience and add more features for your convenience.

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