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3GB Per Image & 5000 Images in A Single Order (Keep Hierarchy Folder Structure) & Introducing New Support Channels, Payment Methods, Easy Files Transfer Methods, Paperless NDA, Monthly Invoices, Extended Download!

Companies always look for the interactive and interesting features to add to their websites and this trend has come a long way. We also have embraced this mantra and launched some exciting features like Support Channels, New Payment Methods, Easy File Transfer, Unlimited Size and Quantity, Hierarchy Folder Structure, Paperless NDA, Monthly Invoices and much more. Check them out on the website!

Cut Out Image Support Channels

Support Channels:

We have introduced very exciting new Support Channels to establish a timely communication with our customers. You can knock us anytime using the following channels.

  • Email: Our general support channel that you can use to contact us 24×7 and we are a tap away to reply you on your query. Ask us anything at: hello@cutoutimage.com.
  • Chatting: Enjoy the facility of live chat with our experts and Customer Success Manager using the Intercom icon in the footer area. Get your queries solved within minutes or an hour.
  • Phone: You, as our honored customers will have a Phone Support where you can call us during our normal business hours from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM & Monday To Friday, Bangladesh Standard Time (05:00 PM – 09:00 AM & Sunday To Thursday, Pacific Standard Time).
  • Slack / Skype: Keep slacking or add us on Skype. Contact us whenever you need help regarding any of our services. Write us an email to get our Skype ID.

Reaching us is now easy with all these support channels!

Cut Out Image - Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

Making payments has now been easier with all the payment methods like PayPal, Debit or Credit Card, Stripe and Bitcoin.

  • Stripe: One of the leading payment gateways and is the new standard in online payments. Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business and we are under the hood. Now we directly accept payments via Debit or Credit Card processed through Stripe.
  • Bitcoin: Apart from PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Google Wallet, 2Checkout, Skrill, Debit or Credit Card – we are now accepting Bitcoin via Stripe.
Unlimited File Size & Quantity:

With time, technology has taken an innovative and advanced turn. Likewise, the camera you use with high resolution image creates big file size which is tough to handle. We now have designed our Service Portal where you can upload 5000 images each of up to 3GB in a single order which means that you can upload 14.65 TB files in one go.

Cut Out Image Files Transfer Option
Easy Files Transfer:

We have built a very simple and user friendly UI for our customers so they can easily upload and download their files from their account. You can comfortably access any order in your account as we keep all the records safe in one place. Apart from using our simplified Ordering System you can even send / receive files via Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Share on Dropbox: hello@cutoutimage.com
Share on Google Drive: hello@cutoutimage.com
Use WeTransfer Channel: https://bd.wetransfer.com

Hierarchy Folder Structure:

Maintaining the folder / directory structure is one of our most wanted features asked by customers. Let;s say, you have some photos that needs cut out on white background. You created a folder name called “Summer Collection”. Inside this folder there are few more folders like: Mens, Womens, Kids or there might be some brand names’ folder if you are an online retailer like: Nike, Adidas, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Burberry etc. and inside these folders you have product photos as per their category or brands. Now, you can Drag & Drop the main folder and it will be uploaded as per their folder structure and when the order is delivered you will receive the files in the same manner and hierarchy of the folders will be kept. Only thing you need to do is Drag & Drop the folders in the upload area, system will do the rest.

Paperless NDA:

We have developed a system to reduce the hassle of handling the paper work that is required to sign the NDA (Paperless & Painless Non-Disclosure Agreement) at both ends while you explicitly don’t want your images to be disclosed to third party or used by anyone without your prior and written consent. We usually had to print the NDA, sign it and send it back to you before start working. Now, you don’t even have to wait to receive the signed NDA. When you place an order please Check the box “Submit w/ NDA” to receive the NDA which is Signed and Legal for the purpose we use and you receive it instantly. You can review the example of the NDA you will receive when you submit an order with NDA enabled.

Example NDA: https://portal.cutoutimage.com/nda-example

Protect Image Metadata:

We usually remove every bit of Metadata that comes along with the images except Technical Metadata. Such information is automatically embedded into the image and usually contains details like ISO, aperture, DPI, shutter speed, date/time, camera model and brand etc. Also, the GPS location of the image also gets  captured in the metadata. We now have put an option and you can check it if you do not want to lose the Descriptive Metadata (Manual addition of information in the image by someone is referred to as descriptive metadata. Though this information makes images easily searchable, it holds major significance in photography. Image creator / Author, titles, captions and comments, URL, copyright notice, etc. are some examples of effective descriptive metadata).

Pay All or Selected Invoices:

An important and valuable feature asked by some of our customers has been added. From now on you can pay all the unpaid invoices at once or even pay the selected invoices only. We hope you will love this feature.

Monthly Invoices:

On our service portal, we serve you with an invoice for each order and also there are some small invoices for each order. However, you will always need a single invoice which includes all the orders that you submitted during the month to attach to your TAX File. From now on you will see a monthly invoice under your invoice tab and you can print it or download as PDF.

Downloadable – Extended Expiration (90 Days):

We are happy to announce that you will have access to your completed orders upto 90 days and you can download it for an unlimited number of times during this extended 90 days period. Previously it was 30 days.

We hope you would love these amazing features that are added on the website to offer you a friendly and nice experience. Create as many orders as you want with few clicks and easily manage them all using these stunning features. Change is always good if it is flawless.

Switch to a better portal and avail our best services! If any queries, let us know.


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