Amazon Product Selling Guidelines

Amazon Product Selling Guidelines

Today if we talk of amazon, it is the big e-commerce market having the family of millions of customer who shop on regular basis with one of the highest selling website. This online website has made its big brand reputation that everyone wants to be the part of amazon for selling their products. You can be the part of this amazing brand by availing their service named as amazon product ad whose motive is to drive all the traffic to your web page which is created on the amazon. But think how amazon has acquired such big share of customers so the answer is simple by displaying such high quality images that talk about the product. For being the best seller at amazon you also have to present the best and high quality images on the web page of the amazon which also fulfills all the requirements of the amazon. Today I will be your guide to show the requirements of the amazon. If you want to display the product on the amazon then store these recommendations in your mind. Ready the images for the amazon product ads

Aware yourself with these rules and guidelines

You must have insight of all the rules and guidelines that the amazon requires you to follow as a seller. The most important guideline that is must to follow is every product image must be captured having white background behind otherwise it will not be able to include in the amazon’s downloadable seller’s guide. For that the image must be having white background and if you are not able to do it yourself by any of the reason like not having access to professional studio or not having access to advanced editing software then taking the help of outsourcing company is advisable. It is very difficult and also irritating for the one who has not taken the course of Photoshop with which he can turn the ordinary images to extraordinary one. So he will definitely have to take the help of outsourcing companies.

 Amazon Image guidelines

To make your amazon product ads great, one requirement is not to add any text or watermark in the images which distract the customer from the real product. The other requirement is that the image must be of size 500 pixels on one side and also should take at least 85 % of the space. Clearly, to increase your product sales your product image must be like that through which the customer can take the right decision by viewing it properly. According to the amazon seller guide your image must be of 1000 * 1000 pixels. In short you must have the high quality product images that must be bigger, sharper and brightly colored if you really want to increase your product sales.

View your amazon product ads as their customers

The most relevant thing which is often not consider by many online sellers. This is the best idea through which you can view the loopholes without losing your customers. You have to be the customer and have to visit your web page as a customer and  also have to scrutinize whether your web page is fulfilling the requirements of all the customers or not. In other words you have to visit your web page with the eyes of the customers who land there for online shopping. When you ask questions to yourself being a customer like would you like the ad, is there is something not perfect you wish to add or would you prefer to buy the product seeing its product image etc. The answers of these questions will tell you about your web page and the product images clearly. If you find any loophole you can change that immediately. After this you can also compare with the competitor’s web page to have more information. When you get ready with your amazon product selling ad then give access to the customers and enjoy good rate of selling.


Remember quality of the images is really bothered by the customers so you have to give that wow factor to your images for making them perfect if you interested in increasing the sales of your product and with that follow the mentioned guidelines also.

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