How to Get Best Photos for an E-Commerce Website

How to Get Best Photos for an E-Commerce Website

There are number of e-commerce websites which only use models to display their latest collections. They only rely upon the model photography to get best response in their sales but somehow they are not getting that because they did not have insight about getting better photos of the models dressed with their latest collections but not to worry I am here to help you with these smart tips to have the best photos of your career. These tips will improve your way to capture the images and are very useful for the e-commerce websites as it is your content which influences your brand image. So Read them carefully

Provide good atmosphere

Good atmosphere is the demand of every employee working under an organisation. Atmosphere will regenerate the mood of your employees and make them super energetic. To have good atmosphere at your place you have to make them comfortable and have to serve them some energy drinks, refreshments to boost up their mood and energy. Prefer to serve some healthy options according to their taste.

Decide the looks in advance

Another important thing that you can do before is you can discuss the outfit looks of the models in advance before they arrive to the shoot. This will eliminate your lot of hassle. Also keep in mind that you make the outfits properly fitted to the model so that you can capture the best looks of the products.

Have good discussion with the stylist

You really need the best stylist to make your shoot success. So hire a stylist that can guard everything including the outfit combinations, it’s steaming, styling the model and so on and helps you get the final image of the shoot in front of your eyes before the actual shooting. You can detail your aims, goals and mix that with his advices to get better pictures.

Book hair and make-up artist

To improvise your final images hair style matters a lot. So have the advanced booking of the hair and make-up stylist that can give best look to your models which really goes best with their outfit.

Arrange pro lighting and camera equipment

The next significant tip to consider is the lighting and camera equipment which is the foremost requirement of every shoot. You are shooting with the live models so you need to invest in lots of equipment available in the market to have refined final looks. You buy gears according to the preference of the shoot. For instance you can go for the diffuser if you want soft light and can use reflector if you need bouncy light. Both have their own upsides so go with the one you are comfortable with.

Go for references

To achieve your technical vision you have to make your goal your requirements visible to the model and stylist that you have hired for the particular shoot. You can use your magazines, mood boards, look books and instagram pictures effectively for that.

Confirm farmings and right angle shoot

Follow the right framing guidelines for the shoot. If you need consistent shots then go with the consistent frames with every model. The customer also finds it convenient to shop with the websites having suitable and appropriate frames. Keep your camera position consistent and avoid tilting as it can cause distortions.

Style guide

Create your own style guide for the reference of everyone who is the part of the production workflow. This is the visual reference manual guide that clearly defines the angle to pose by the model, or the type of shots needed, and also about the lighting and much more for reference.

Use sets

There are some outfits for which you will need some stage. So think about them and arrange for the sets after having proper discussion with the set designers. Always prefer neutral background to get best look of the product.

Adopt good ways to improve production workflow

If you have the time, then utilize that to make the shots more productive. Have eagle eye on every corner of the shoot and remove all the imperfections that you find whether in the outfit or in the set-up of the place

So these are the best and amazing tips to shoot with the models. Follow them to take your website to the top.

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