Start your Photography Journey using these Facebook Tips

Start your Photography Journey using these Facebook Tips

Since the day when Facebook stepped in our lives, people started using it with full zeal and enthusiasm. Photographers made an efficient use of this awesome platform to showcase their work and establish online contacts. Not only the photographers, but also the other people like the IT owners, salon owners, boutiques, fashion blogs, or beauty site owners used it quite well.

To share the creations with the world, Facebook is the choicest platform. Facebook helps builds a community of the likewise professions and help take the work to a new level with minimal investments. Making new contacts with new clients is possible with Facebook because it is the best platform to create your own branding. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Facebook contributes a lot in your professional journey.

Want to add an edge to your online portfolio? Here are few steps that will help create a successful Facebook campaign or page to boost your photography business:

Gather your Professional Pictures in One Folder

What’s this? You accidently uploaded the camping pictures with the wedding photos on your Facebook page, now what? It is a big mistake that must be avoided clearly not to push the viewers away. To look like a pro, your responsibility is to create a dedicated page for each different category and never mix things up. Anyone visiting your page will find everything systematically organized which will leave a good impression. Upload a beautiful photo on the cover picture to attract more people into checking out your page.

Add some details about you, your business and keep everything concise though.

Ask for the Reviews

Ask your previous customers to leave positive reviews about your business. Facebook reviews tell the future customers to rely on your services if you have got pretty good review. People very much depend on the reviews so place a review of your services. Don’t disappoint the customers as negative reviews will lead to plummeting of future sales. To get reviews, either you can send an email or Facebook message once your association is complete with a particular customer.

Be a Celebration Lover

Run the occasional contests and events to keep the viewers engaged. Never miss a chance to upload photos or videos related to the festivals like Christmas or New Year. Invite people to participate in the events and have them leave comments, likes and shares to spread your brand awareness.

Be a Smart User

Post regularly creating a mix of blogs, videos and photos etc. Facebook is a great platform to showcase your work and mixing is a good idea to organize the traffic. Get ready to earn more traffic by keeping a proper record and track of all the activities you perform at your page. Post quality content, photos and videos and never post anything just for the posting purpose. People like unique things and if you will keep on posting every random thing, you will lose potential customers rather than winning them.

Choose wise content to post on your timeline and make sure that it is useful for the readers. Start with posting once in a day and then move on to two times a day to gain genuine followers.

Be Objective

People love to see what you have posted when there are proper captions and hashtags. Tag everyone in the post, write something about the video or photo and let people know what’s in it. Try to be creative with your writing and post wisely to attract more eyes. Are you unaware of creative writing? No issues!

Add memorable words and text to make people remember you and if you are getting shared naturally, chances are more that you will gain customers much faster than expected.

Be Reachable for People

Have ever seen a Facebook page without any details of the owner and the business? What impact did it have on your mind? Did you check it again? Of course, not!

The same thing happens when your page doesn’t have the proper information. Because people cannot find who you are, what you do and where you located are, they turn your page off. Always be reachable and respond back to the people within the shortest possible time. Keep your messenger always open so that if anyone tries to reach you, the conversation is quick and fast.

I personally have visited many pages where I messaged the page owner to ask about their services and did not get any answer for days. If you don’t want this to happen with your customers, offer them a reliable and smooth communication process. Prepare a warm and welcoming message for the new users and send them a link to your work or website in order to gain their trust.

So when are you going to use these Facebook tips to boost your photography business? Let me know in the comment section if you have anything else to share!

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