Avoid These Bad Habits While Photographing

Photographer is the person who is likely has to manage his schedule in order to fulfil all his commitments on time. The photographer is the name associated with the word professional so he definitely has to do justice with the routine by clearly having the goal in the mind. He only can achieve success if he is the person who is perfect and most habitual in his profession. The habits must be those that help them to achieve his goal and not those that prove a waste of time for his work. Today’s topic is also sharing with you the bad habits that can delay your work and can stop you from measuring the success rate. Let’s discuss them

Leaving Camera at Home

This is one of someone’s poor habits of not taking the camera at work. If you are not taking that with you then it does not matter that you have huge megapixel, high-quality lens DSLR what matters is the camera that is with you to satisfy the capturing needs that can be even the smart-phone camera that has more value over it.

Don’t Move with Back-Up

One of the problems creating habit that is not maintaining the back-up of all important files and the pictures with you. Many of you may buy the memory card when it gets totally filled up means no keep up of the back-up which you can lose at anytime due to any major issue may be hard-drive loss or anyone. Keeping the back-up of precious pictures will save your may be one year photography in a minute. So develop a habit of backing-up the files at least three different locations.

 Shooting from Eye Level

A professional is the person who first searches for the different angles according to the scene under view. He will even drop on his knees or may even lie on the ground to get the professional shots whereas an amateur is the one who always shoot from the eye level holding the camera at head-height. Remember this is not the correct way and you have to work as a professional and not like the amateur.

Relying on the Post-Processing

Undoubtedly post-processing holds a significant place but is quite tedious job and relying only on the post–processing for the perfection of the images is the laziness of the photographer and is not showing his professionalism. The professional is one who always puts his efforts in capturing the images that has the capability to speak. So avoid relying on the post processing and put your efforts in capturing the real images with correct exposure and highlights.

Shoot Only JPEGS

Avoid shooting in the JPEGs format and prefer to shoot the raw files to have dynamism in the range of your photographs.


You have to avoid chimping especially when you are shooting at any wedding or party as you may miss the moment due to this poor habit.

Not Taking Care of the Background

Many of the photographers do not consider the background before capturing the images and this is the most unavoidable mistake that can ruin your photography badly. Background plays very important role in making the picture’s feel admiring so better to consider it next time when going out for a shoot.

Centre the Subject

Practice the rule of thirds if you want to standout your images instead of placing your focal point in the middle like mostly are habituated with. You can try different frames, angles or even can go for a wide panoramic crop.

Don’t Read the Camera Manual

This is the fact that no one takes interest in reading the manual when they first time open the box of the camera. They are not made to keep in the box only. You have to make use of it to develop the new features of the cameras which you may did not know or can use it to have insight with the features that you know but not in the proper way. So start reading the manual by having the highlighter in one hand to have better experience with your new camera.

Shooting on Auto

Shooting in the auto mode is not considered as the good habit when you are using it consistently in every situation, it may restricts from practising the other modes of your modern camera that are usually semi-automatic, automatic  or manual. Have the courage and go for the manual mode if you can do it.

At last I only can say this avoid these habits to secure your future in photography and to enjoy better experience in it.

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