Benefits of Using Film Cameras

This is the verifiable fact that digitalization has replaced the conventionalism completely whether there is convention style of photography or conventional camera all has been recouped by the digital age. Instead of using the old style of capturing the images using the old rules and the old film cameras the photographers likes to prefer the new styles of capturing the images using the modern rules and the digital camera for giving a competitive edge to their pictures and to stand out in the market. The digital age is the growing age and it has been developing since its invention. The main development of this age is the digital cameras that offer lots of benefits but its benefits are faded over the valuable advantages of the film camera to some good extent. This will be the pleasure to share with you the worthy advantages of this type of cameras. Let’s go through the points.

Sensor Size

The opening advantage of the film camera is the large sensor size comparative to the sensor size of the digital cameras. The small sensor size may create many big issues like pixel noise, light sensitivity and many more. But the sensor that is available in the film camera is not possible to find in any other camera and on the other hand if we see sensor of the digital camera then they are so small that is even less the regular size of 35mm film frame. The added benefit of the film camera is that it provides the film media that range from the 35mm to 135mm film frame which is capable to provide the high resolution in the cameras.


The next beneficial side of using the film cameras is that it provides better and high resolution because it offers the images in the megapixels than the images in the pixels as allowed by the digital cameras. The only reason behind this is that the sensors of the digital cameras are made from grid or pixels of photo elements and you know that resolution is only based on the number of pixels.

Storage, Back-Ups and Other Costs

The useful advantage of the using the film cameras is that it works with the help of film reel that is very convenient to use and is also capable for long term storage. The film reel does not get destroyed as memory card or chips get destroyed fastly. The film reels if mishandled by anyone then also it results in the damaging of the one or single frame and not the entire captured pictures. The rest of the pictures will remain intact. But this is not the case with the memory card as you will lose entire pictures if it gets damaged somehow. The other benefit related to this is that it does not make use of the cards and hard drives for storage of pictures like the digital camera does.

Dust Problems

We often see the dust problems in our camera but the effect of dust and dirt is less felt in the film cameras than the digital cameras. Because of the sensitive nature of the digital cameras the dust can spoil the whole photography experience of the photographer and when it if reaches the sensor of the camera then the chances of getting the clear shots will be negligible.


Film cameras have higher integrity due to the negatives used in them that are not used in the digital cameras reducing its integrity. This is the added valuable advantage of using the film cameras. The chances of falsification are increased in case of digital photos and that is not true if we go for the film cameras. You can also take negatives as the proof of the image authenticity


This is true that in this modern technology there is no sign of film photography left but the film photography always remain the choice of the professionals over the digital photography popular these days.



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