E-Commerce Product Photography Lesson 3: 4 Steps To Product Photography

Hello Readers,

Now is the time for us to dig deep in the steps of product photography. This is the most interesting chapter of our guide. It will help you in assimilating the ways that can be used in order to capture accurate product images. Here you go:

Product Organization:

It is hard to assimilate the time and labor that might be required to click best images, without having to know about the product itself. Considering the range of products that are easiest to photographed, it will be all the solid products such as toys and cups. All you have to do is to give them a glinting look before taking images.

There are other types of products such as clothing items that easily get molded, stretched, wrinkled, etc. It is complex to position these products. For clothing items, it takes hours and hours to iron and position them for best photographs. Each and every stretch and mode has to be captured in such a way that it can give exact look of the product.

Product photograph speaks for itself and you can easily determine whether product is photographed in a high-end studio or with amateurish hands. Before sending the product for photography, you need to inspect it thoroughly for any kind of stains, wears and tears, or any other kind of imperfections. This can affect your website to a large extent.


Lighting is essential for all kind of photography. It’s not that only product image need good light but casual photography also need good lighting for adept imagery. With lighting I don’t mean to take out your products out in sun and capture pictures. You can use various electronic equipment for the purpose. For small products such as digital cameras, EZcube light tent that comes with small 30 watt bulbs on all its sides can be used.

Photoshot Equipment - Lighting

Products such as accessories or clothing need intense lighting arrangements from all directions. Two boxes that are equipped with 60-watt bulbs on both the sides of product can work perfectly. To omit any kind of shadows from the product, you can use light reflector.


Camera Settings

Professional photography is not possible without a perfect digital camera that is equipped with unique features. It is not necessary that only the most expensive model in the market will click best pictures for you. The camera only needs to have shutter and manual focus option. Every DSLR camera is equipped with these features.

Photoshot - Camera Matters


After getting the products ready, it is always recommended to take test pictures first. This will tell you about all the drawbacks in the background or lighting arrangement so that you can make necessary arrangements. Also, it is important to keep a check on shutter speed and aperture settings that you might have used for clicking best pictures anytime previously. You can also find this kind of data available on internet.

Sometimes, besides having a basic knowledge about photography you don’t get to capture right pictures. You don’t have to worry about that as there are some camera settings that are to be done manually before putting on the final show.

The ISO settings of the camera need to be as low as possible so that your pictures can look soft. These settings also affect light sensitivity of your camera’s photo sensor. Best pictures can only be captured with the ISO settings of 100 or 200. This will allow you to click high resolution shots. Also set image size of the picture as high as possible.

There is a plethora of basic settings that are also to be considered with equal significance. Camera settings are essential for best product photography and it is highly recommended to restore settings that give you most appropriate photos.

Photo Editing:

So now we have come to the final step of out topic. Unquestionably, this is the most important section that should be studied carefully. This is the process to add glamour to the final photograph. Editing is required to omit all kind of unnecessary elements in the picture. There might be some unwanted colors or shadows or objects that are to be omitted from the final image. All this will come under the niche of editing pictures.

Most of the product image backgrounds are white. It is also among prior requirement in of every online portal. It diminishes the possibility of clashing the object with something when the background is plain white. Image masking techniques, commonly used in editing software such as Adobe Photoshop are used to remove the background and give it a white base instead. If the image masking process is not done adeptly, it can give extremely poor look to the product.

Masking is a complex task and the complexity increases with more busy background. Photoshop version of CS4 is fashioned with “Refine Edge” feature that makes masking easy. Photoshop also consists of artistic tools that are helpful in manipulating the pictures.

Sometimes, besides using every effect, you don’t get desirable result from the photo. In such a case, you can use perspective controls in Photoshop. This feature is best suited for products such as tables and desks as you can aim at the noticeable points with the help of this tool. It gives the product the most overpowering look, especially when the pictures are taken from lower edge.

As I see, I have mentioned all four points of this lesson. Product photography is a highly imperative step in adding to your sales. If you have been taking it casually by far then I would say that, you are pushing yourself towards huge losses in coming time. So, I would say that you must start considering this measure significantly and multiple your sales.


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