Best Product Photography Pricing in 2023 [Resources for Photographer]

Best Product Photography Pricing in 2023 [Resources for Photographer]

Do you run an online shop? Then, you know the importance of the pictorial presentation of your product. A stunning photo presents the product in detail and influences customers to make the buying decision. Therefore, Product Photography is a must for the online retailer. Now the query is, how much will they cost? This blog will cover the detail of Product Photography Pricing in-depth. Continue to explore the blog till the end to know the details you need.

What Does Product Photography represent? [Product Photography Pricing]

Product is the dynamic force of business that has its own identity. Before you start exploring the detail of Product Photography Pricing, you should first know the nuts and bolts of Product Photography itself. 

Product photography, also known as commercial photography, represents taking product photos to use on a website and business platform so that customers can review the product and feel interested in buying it.

The primary objective of product photography is to present a product in the best possible way to impress customers with features and boost sales by building brand identity.

Pricing Factors for Product Photography [Product Photography Pricing]

Product photography generates revenue for your business by influencing sales. The actual answer for how much it will cost is not precise since it covers many factors. Every photographer will have their own strategy for Product Photography Pricing. Probable factors depending on product photography pricing are shared below: 

Proficiency: The Product Photography Pricing varies depending on the experience and mastery of the photographer. A hobbyist or beginner photographer will charge less than a professional and experienced photographer. 

Photography Style: Product Photography Pricing varies based on the type of Product Photography like Simple, Amazon, or lifestyle photography. 

Pricing By Hourly/day Rates: It is the best method for Product Photography Pricing. However, unavoidable delays and modifications might take much time, impacting your budget in this strategy.  

Pricing Per Product: The pricing per product system will benefit you if you have similar online products. Otherwise, it will cost much for a variety of products. However, one beneficial point of the system is that you might cost less per product when you have more variety. For instance, you might be charged $50 per product when you have 5-6 products, while you will be charged only $30 per product when you have more than 10 categories of products. 

Pricing Per Image: In this system, you have to pay for the number of the final image. It is costly since the photographer needs to capture multiple shots to finalize the photo and then apply Image Post Production to make the photo stunning. For instance, in this strategy, you might cost around $2,000 when you want 200 photos costing each photo $10. 

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Additional Facts For Product Photography Pricing

Only clicking can’t ensure a good shot. There is more to do to make a perfect product photo. Depending on those activities, Product Photography Pricing can vary. Let’s know those: 

Product Weight and Size: You will be charged a surcharge for a heavy product since they are laborious to manage and require a helper to lift for photography. Sometimes such products need special equipment that adds more charge. 

Pre-photography Preparation: You will be additionally charged when your products require special grooming, wash and brush up or styling exceeding the standard practice. The preparation steers immense attention, creativity, and time with effort. 

Photo Retouching: If you want your product photo to be attractive, you should ask for a photo retouching service. You must need a background removal design service to follow the standard of the market platform regarding photo background. You might be charged more if you want more advanced photo editing like skin retouching, product shining, etc. 

Photo Retouching

Use of Model:

Some products can’t present themselves nicely but rather cry for the model’s help. For such product photography, you might need a model that will cost you more.  

Environment Setting: There are a few products you can’t display without a proper layout setting to create an appropriate environment. Home appliances and furniture-like products are examples of such categories of products. Creating the environment for such a product is time-consuming and costly. 

Environment Setting

Group Product Shot: To capture a group shot, the photographer needs to prepare the table to set all the products accordingly, unbox every product and clean them. So, for a single image, he has to do a lot, and for that, he might charge you more. 

Urgent Delivery: Normally, the product photography process takes one or two weeks to generate the final output. However, frequently you might need the product photo within the shortest possible time. In that case, the photographer has to give more attention and time, keeping other clients’ assignments aside. In case of urgent delivery, they might charge you higher. 

Why Does Product Photography Pricing Differs?

No service is free in the world, and so photography costs money. Product Photography Pricing differs based on specific conditions. Let’s know those conditions in detail: 

Professional Vs. Newbie: Through work experience, we can earn proficiency to execute effectively. A newbie or hobbyist will charge you less to gain knowledge and expertise. Besides, you can’t expect professional service from them, but it’s not sure that you can’t find the best work from them. When you take the same service from a professional, you have to spend more to evaluate his knowledge and experience. 

Type of Photography: There are two types of product photography available, and both have individual requirements. Amazon product photography is applicable mainly for E-commerce businesses where you have to pay regular prices for the proper file format and approaches. Again, the Lifestyle Product Photography represents a product in a customized way that encourages customers to associate a product with a specific lifestyle. Here you have to count additional charges along with the regular payment. 

Independent vs. Studios: A photographer can operate alone or at a full-time studio. An independent photographer might charge you lower since he might work as a freelancer though lacking proficiency in image post-production services like Shadow Creation. On the contrary, Employing a professional studio will charge you more than an independent photographer since they will provide you better service in less time by employing their studio, tools, and software. 


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Importance of Product Photography

A product photo promotes the product and creates customer engagement to check the details. Researchers found that a unique and detailed product photo can convince 75% of customers. A product photo also boosts brand awareness because a picture speaks thousands of words.

Think of your surroundings- the Magazine, online stores, and advertisement billboards contain product photos. Even, if you have checked the product photo first before purchasing it last time online. All these things indicate that professional product photography can boost online sales.

Therefore, to raise your brand credibility with customers’ trust, uplift sales, and expand business growth, you should look for a professional product photographer and professional photo editing service provider. Cut Out Image is an image post-production service provider offering photo editing services worldwide. 



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