Give a New Dimension to Food Photography with Photo Editing

Give a New Dimension to Food Photography with Photo Editing

Scrolling down the Instagram or Facebook newsfeed looking at the stunning food photography that makes your mouths water is someone’s hard work. And hard work pays off! Yes, it is not that the food photography you see online is real rather the images are enhanced used photo retouching, cut out image or clipping path techniques. Wondering how?

Well, take an example of you going to a restaurant to eat burger, do you see the same burger which is being served in the restaurant? No, am I right? Then how do it looks so yummy and appealing at the online portal? It is all due to the photo editing techniques which are used to give an oomph factor to the ordinary images.

Such businesses have to showcase their products in a stunning way to grab the attention of the viewers and convince them to buy. To get in the massive sales, you have to make sure that the food photography is appealing enough and meets the standards that customers expect. To get good photos, there is a need to apply different photo editing methods and highlight the beauty of the product. Suppose, you want to show the zoomed interior of the burger, apply the cut out image technique and keep only the product with no background.

Let’s see the tips to shoot amazing food photography:

Prepare the Food

Before clicking the pictures, you should prepare the food first in a way that it looks good while photographing. Presentation is important when we are talking about food so the first step is to plan things out and focus on the plating idea. Present the food item as much mouth watering as you can and don’t forget considering the background as well.

Look for the Beauty and Background

Photographing the food in a natural way is quite important when it comes to the aesthetics and beauty. Make sure to present the product on a nice white background and check if the arrangement is proper. If you are showcasing food, then it’s important to know that you cannot attract the viewers by putting flowers or trees in the background. Instead, you have to look very creative by keeping the related items like French fries or coke in the background which will induce interest among the viewers.

Angles of the food items

Now comes the composition of the pictures. Okay so now you are done with the plating and the background and it’s the time to think about the angles of the products. Framing a food picture comes with right and wrong ways but you can follow few guidelines on the aspects of food photography. To highlight the strengths of the product, angles are important. Now let’s suppose you are going to click the picture of a pizza slice, in that case you have to highlight the topping and cheese base to lure the viewers. If you will simply shoot a picture from the side, it will not do any good and the viewer will not get attracted.

Photo Editing in Post Production Phase

Once you are done with the photo shoot, you must then go for photo editing in the post production phase. The possible editing techniques include color correction, image cut out, clipping path, background removal etc. which are used to enhance the strengths that you might have missed in the shoot phase.


To conclude, I would say Be Creative. Food photography is an art so you need to follow guidelines to get the pictures right. Ensure that the filters, effects and lighting techniques are perfect to bring out creative photos. Other than the above mentioned tips, there are lot of other photo editing techniques as well to make the pictures look incredible and interesting.

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