How Does Google Rank Our eCommerce Store?

While designing your website, the most important factor that brands ensure is the Google ranking. If you comply with the rules and requirements of a Google search ranking, Google will give reference to your website and it will appear high in the searches.

Requisites for images that are uploaded on the web

People are constantly searching for products online. Your website must have quality content that is appealing and informative. The images should not just be attractive; they need to be clear and concise. These product images are uploaded by marketers and sellers on online stores after they go through a round of editing and polishing. The product images have to be web optimized so that customers can easily locate them. After an image is clicked, it is edited by graphic designers using advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop. Image editing processes like clipping path, color correction, and image manipulation and shadow addition are done to prepare the images for the web.

Some elements of SEO

High-quality content

In addition, the content describing the image products should be high-quality and unique. It should describe the product and its specifications elaborately. Moreover, sellers have to ensure that the image and its description are in sync. For example, if you have an online shop that sells shirts, you should consistently upload content which talks about the changing trends of apparels, different styles of shirts, tips on upkeep etc. Maintain a blog where you can also discuss prevailing fashion trends, tips on keeping clothes safe, washing tips and more. Connect with your fans and answer the customer queries and respond to their comments.

Importance of keywords and ‘title tags’

You can use title tags to target specific keywords that you want to rank.  Title tags appear when the website is open, not the page. They appear on the tab /browser as the name of the window. Title tags have an effect on your search rankings because when Google crawls up your page, the title tag becomes the name of your webpage link.


It’s now time to start building links to your websites from authority websites that Google gives preference to. The more you build links to trusted websites, the more Google will believe that you are a trusted vendor/ website.


SEO is the most important aspect of a website or an e-commerce venture. Google provides a starter SEO guide which brands can download to study more about Google SEO concepts. Look at the authority sites to learn where they score brownie points. Every phase, whether it is uploading correct images on the website or even the linking building phase, should comply with the Google ranking regulations.


Providing quality content is the best way with which you can add value to your website and earn the trust in authority. While adding product images to the website, make sure that they look natural and realistic to the actual product. The customer should get an exact idea of the actual product while looking at the image.


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