Here’s How to Optimize Website Images Using Photo Editing Methods

A photographer has to go through a lot of things while creating or shooting the images. Pictures hold a great importance in everyone’s lives and so they expect them to look the best. For photographers, it is a real challenge to click outstanding photos that people love for their entire life. In order to make the images look presentable, a lot of homework is done by the photographer. Have ever wondered how the web images look so beautiful? Are they clicked by the professional photographers? Yes, they are but if not, then the images are edited in the photo editing software for enhanced appearance.

Since images on the web are shared with the world, it is essential to add an appealing factor to them. Often the images look different on the screen, so editing is required to give them a visually presentable look. Let us see how to edit and optimize the images for web so that they look highly professional and stunning:

Why is Image Optimization Important?

Since the internet is loaded with images, it becomes important to stand out from the rest. This can be done through image optimization where you need to edit the image as per Google. No matter what the size of the image, with optimization it is easy to resize, edit and crop it to give a nice look. Also, the optimized images lead to better conversion rate because the site loads fast and people stay on your website for longer. On the other hand, when the images are not optimized, the sites take time to load and the users jump on to other websites which increase the bounce rate of your site.

Then, the users open the site from their mobiles while travelling and it is more important to have an optimized site for better user experience. A non optimized site makes it harder for the images to open and the visitors feel frustrated due to long waiting time. So here, image optimization comes in scene with which you can cut out the objects from the backgrounds, apply clipping path or image masking to focus on only the subject and not the background.

How to Optimize the Images?

Well, to optimize the images, you can change the size, edit the backgrounds and cut out the image from its current background etc. Since the cameras take outstanding pictures, there is not much need to edit the images. But at times, while clicking a picture, some unwanted elements come along to ruin the whole picture. So editing is required where you can use the clipping path technique to cut out the object from the background and place it on a new one for better visual appeal.

Next, you can resize the image. Because the pictures shot in the camera are of high quality, the size is much bigger. Before uploading the images, there is a need to edit them and decrease the size for better optimization. As already said, the small images load faster than the bigger sized images; it is your responsibility to resize the pictures if you don’t want to push your potential customers away.

Check out the procedure to optimize the images for web:

  • Open the image in Photoshop.
  • Apply the tools like pen tool, spot healing brush tool, magic wand tool or background eraser tool to extract out the objects from the backgrounds.
  • If there is a need to resize the images, you can also do that by mentioning the size or pixels in the size box. Once done, save the image with new dimensions and effects in the preferred format i.e. JPG, PNG, etc.

That was all about image optimization! Hope you found it interesting.

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