Integrate Amazon S3 with Google Drive via Cloud HQ


Today I am writing on a off topic out of our services and business category. I believe that it will be a helpful article as I have spent hours of time to find a reasonable way synchronizing files from Amazon S3 to my Local Storage on PC and vice versa. We store all our data and image files on Amazon S3 Bucket which was a problem solver to handle large files upload / download / archiving. Apart of we needed an application that would help us to synchronize those files onto our PC for frequent access to them.  As we frequently access the files stored on our S3 Bucket, it became hard to manage the downloading or uploading files from/to S3 Bucket when we need to access them.

I have searched a lot to find a workaround and tried lots of third party applications (eg. ODrive, S3 Browser, CloudBerry) to sync files we stored on Amazon S3. None of those become handy like Google Drive Application or Dropbox. I then tried to find a way around to get my S3 Bucket’s files transferred over to Google Drive or Dropbox so I can access them frequently on PC by installing the desktop version Dropbox or Google Drive. Now the issue is, how do I get the files on S3 to my Google Drive or Dropbox. Here, I tried some online services in the web like Zapier, Bipio, IFTTT, CloudWork. At this point I have got a result with no luck. I know its even expensive keeping the same files on S3 Bucket and as well on Google Drive or Dropbox. Amazon should help us on this to make sync workable with S3 & PC like Amazon Drive.

All of you must be using Google Drive or Dropbox from quite a long time now to store, share and send documents, databases or files etc. Ever wondered how to share image files via internet so as to save them on your local PC as well as internet? Here Cloud HQ has been doing rounds for a while now, it has become extremely important to enlighten on it. And finally I have brought an easy way to sync files on S3 Bucket & Google Drive. Few images can be sent via email but when bulk images need to be sent over, what is the right platform? Amazon S3 is just the right thing to go!

Difference between Google Drive and Amazon S3

  • While Google Drive has been designed for effective communication, storage, sending and sharing files, Amazon S3 is to deal with image, video and data files especially.
  • Amazon S3 helps you to manage files but only through internet interface and they don’t offer any official application to sync them on your local PC. On the other hand, sharing files via Google Drive is a better option because it equips you to access the drive on internet and local PC as well.

These are two major differences between both the platforms. To make a nice collaboration of these apps seems like a dream but not anymore. Yeah, Cloud HQ is a perfect way to integrate them! Let’s see how:

How Cloud HQ is a Problem Solver?

Provide Backup: All the information stored in Google drive is backed up in Amazon S3 through Cloud HQ and vice versa. Now improve productivity and team efforts on the go!

Provide Integration: Save the image files in Amazon S3 and setup them in Google Drive with the help of Cloud HQ. Isn’t it a great way to access files on local PC as well as internet?

So let’s use this Cloud HQ to increase productivity and enhance access to Amazon S3 for image sharing with the help of Google Drive. Create a real time backup on the board and protect your business even though you are on a local PC.

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