Light Color Background

Light Color Background

The background is a crucial part of a photo that impacts the presentation of the subject. The appearance of the background depends on the theme of the picture. Here the background color brings various feelings to the viewer. To highlight the subject, you should pick a light background that will contrast the photo. If you are wondering why you need a Light Color Background, this blog is for you. Keep reading to seek the answer. 

What is Light Color Background

Light color is a tint that contains the smallest amount of pigment. Therefore, it holds a high intensity of light that contrasts with dark colors like black having low light intensity. Light color is also the shade of dark color. For instance, pink is a light color shaded by the dark color of red.

The background of a photo holds power to make or break the photo. For example, a light color background can help the subject enhance itself within the backdrop. But the subject won’t highlight itself properly if the subject and background both are the same color. So, pick the background consciously. 

The lightest color background is the white background. More light color backgrounds are Alice Blue, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Frozen Mint, Milky Way, Yellow, Very Pale Yellow, Peach Yellow, Very Light Purple, Soft Lavender, Modest Violet, Very Light Pink, Soft Peach, and many more derived from primary colors. 


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Why Use Light Color Background

As an online business holder, you might upload your product photos regularly, but you are still not getting the preferred sale. The probable reason is the improper use of background and lack of photo retouching. Moreover, images portrayed in magazines, booklets, advertisements, and websites might be so boring that it fails to positively impact customers’ minds. 

Without a proper color background, you can’t dream of getting customers’ attention. Online sales mainly depend on product photos. Customers check the details once they feel good with the picture. So, if you can’t provide a good product photo with the correct background color, the customer won’t check the details and buy your product. 

Remember, the light color background is soft enough to soothe eyes. So, try to pick a light color. Moreover, many business platforms mandate providing white color background photos. If you feel like using other colors instead of white background, you can choose a light color background.

Don’t forget that your product is the start of your product photography. So, twinkle the star using color correction service from any photo editing service provider. Then the star will attract the customer and raise your sale. 

How to Get It Done Easily

Light Color Background

One of the main tasks is to set up the background during the photography. You need to set the background with color manually. It will be okay if you do it for 2-3 products, but it will be a laborious job when you have to capture various products. 

The only solution to get an appropriate light color background is to capture the photo in any background and then take the Background Removal service from any image post-production service provider.  

Such a service provider company can help you remove the unwanted background and apply the correct color background while retouching the product photo. It will save you time and cost too. You just have to capture the picture, and they will handle the rest of the task. If you google, you can find hundreds of such service provider companies. Cut Out Image is such a company that provides world-class photo editing services with their experienced hotshots at a reasonable cost. 

What to Consider for This Type of Background

Light Color Background

Randomly selecting a background color won’t be beneficial. So, you have to consider certain factors for choosing a background, especially the Light Color Background. So, let’s have a look at them: 

Product Color: Before selecting the background color, make sure the background color won’t distract the product view. For instance, if your product is white color like a jewelry item, using white color background will wash it out, making no sense. But using a blue color can highlight it nicely. 

Determine the purpose:  First, you have to determine the business reason for the product before you go for photography or setting any background. For example, if you want to write something on your website with text, it will be a great choice to use a Light Color Background with dark color text. In this case, you can use a photo with a dark background.  

Depict your audience: Before you pick a Light Color Background for your product, think about the online shoppers and how they will feel about your brand. Consider if the color goes with the brand color. Remember, there is no best color, all colors are good, but each brings different emotions. For example, North American people believe blue is trust, green is nature or freshness, and yellow is happiness. So, choose the Light Color Background wisely based on your product and purpose. 


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Dark vs. Light Color Background

Utilizing an appropriate background for a product photo creates a great expression for the viewers that will make them interested in purchasing, increasing revenue. On the contrary, an inappropriate one can cause losing the customers.  

Now the question is, which color background to choose for product photography? Dark or Light Color Background? It’s not easy to answer the question since you have to consider certain facts while choosing the background. 

You need to consider the product you are photographing because it needs to contrast with the background color. Keep in mind that the background will define your product. If you want to add an aesthetic feel, you might think of White Background Aesthetics. But before you finally pick it, think twice if your product can represent itself in that color. Otherwise, the purpose of product photography won’t meet. 

If your product is a light color, use a dark color background. Similarly, if the product is dark, use the Light Color Background. In this case, if you feel white won’t work well, pick any other Light Color Background. Then, you can apply Clipping Path to replace the background with multiple colors and keep the soothing one.

Choosing a background for an image isn’t an easy task. Therefore, you need to pick it thoughtfully relevant to your brand and create an emotional connection with the customer. In addition, contrasting colors will make the products eye-catching. So, enjoy playing with dark and light color backgrounds and notice what suits your style most satisfactory. 



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