Lighting, Reflections and Shadows – Key to Better Product Photography and Retouching

Photography is something that needs proper lighting, reflections and shadows to come out perfect. Everything you do in photography is the result of your creativity and to transform that creativity into a masterpiece is important in order to stand out from the world. Why would people choose you over other photographers? Because your photography is unique in many ways! To give people the best, you have to make sure that your photography is appealing and stunning. And it can be achieved when you have the complete knowledge of how to shape and modify the light that highlights your main subject line. Here is the detailed explanation of lighting, reflections and shadows:


Lighting is the major factor in every type of photography. Even for the night shoot, lighting is important as you cannot click the photographs in complete dark surroundings. To become an expert in photography and then retouching those shots, you have to understand the basics. First of all, there are two types of light i.e. hard light and soft light. Hard light works best for many occasions where there is a need of noticeable edges and the texture of the surface of the subject is to be displayed clearly.

On the other hand, soft light works wonders when it comes to creating portraits, beauty shots, fashion pictures, architecture images and ecommerce products etc. This light illuminates the subject in diffused way and doesn’t create harsh shadows.


Product photography looks best when proper reflection and highlights are added to enhance the visual presentation. Also, such photographs get better with retouching in the post processing phase where filters or blend modes are used to further improve the appearance. A professional photographer creates pleasing reflections in a natural way which doesn’t need much tweaking or editing. Suppose, you have a jewellery item on which you want to create the reflection or shadow, then it is possible to add artificial shadows in a realistic manner. It is best if you get to capture natural shadows but if not, the photographer helps in adding artificial shadow to uplift the whole appearance of the photo.

For product shoot, it is possible to capture the best with sunlight and few reflectors. As reflectors tend to augment the subject, you won’t need a huge lighting setup.

Retouching Images

Photographer cannot give you the perfect images every time so there is a need of photo retouching. The camera is a good tool but it also delivers some flaws when you hold it improperly. Suppose, you have clicked a picture and want to combine it with another image, the camera cannot do that. So in that case, photo retouching comes in handy as it can deliver you the best results with the usage of few tools.

Make sure when you ask the photographer to retouch the photos, keep the original images saved so that if you don’t like the retouched images, original images are always available.

To do photo retouching, it is just the skills that are required and professionalism also matters. I hope you get the article right so adopt these techniques to hone your photography.

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