Making a perfect Amalgam of Art and Technology with Photo Retouching

Image Retouching - Photo Touchup

On hearing the term “Photo retouching”, all tech savvy people will first think of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has changed lives of designers to a large scale. It is a perfect halt where art meets technology. Today, after so many years of Photoshop usage, I would only say that this software has become richer after the launch of every new version and it is an ultimate boon to designing industry.

On a practical note, everyone can perform basic photo retouching tasks even if you have meager knowledge about Photoshop. You can add a new life to your old day’s pictures with the help of few clicks.

What are the tasks that can be done with Photo Retouching feature in Photoshop?

Well, here is the list, take a look below:

  • Remove Skin Defects
  • Close Eyes can be opened
  • Dental Deformity can be reframed
  • Tattoos can be removed
  • Facial Structure can be made more symmetrical
  • Abolishes any unwanted marks or scars from skin

Photoshop professional can do the miracle with your pictures and make old people look younger in age. It is easy to add life in any photograph. This process is also quite benefiting for e-commerce. You can retouch the product images and make them look tidier and sharp. With simple tasks, you can reframe any old picture of yours and make it look better with new contrast and balance.

In photo retouching, coloration also plays a significant role. You can add background colors or change colors of dresses. Suppose you have black and white picture from some bygone era, you can add hues in them and make it look beautiful.

There is another interesting fact called photo manipulation that allow the designer to add people to the image that actually don’t belong in the image for real. You can also change heads and backdrop. Also, you can remove any unwanted person or object from the picture. For example, you may want to remove any attachments or elements in a products that is not the part of the product like mannequin. This can be done via Image retouching service which we called ghost mannequin.

It is easy to learn the process of photo retouching in Photoshop. You can simply download this software and try your hand on any of your pictures. You can try out:

  • Brush and Stamp
  • Magic Cut
  • Magic-Film
  • Photo Cloning
  • Face Beautify

In the same way, there are various other features available to help you in the process of Photo Retouching. It is an interesting task that could be done for fun or could be practiced professionally.

I will be writing some specific tutorials on photo retouching like: beauty/editorial retouching, perfect color balancing of a photo, removing acne of a photograph, jewelry retouching technique etc. Any suggestions via comment will be appreciated if you have one, we will be trying to write on.

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