Photographing children with these Tips is Easy

When we speak the word child we suddenly start sensing the cuteness, the innocence and their delightness. But we believe in these words until we are not dealing directly with the kids. No doubt they are delicate flowers but working with them is quite a difficult job. When we talk of child photography it is even tougher to get that perfect photograph of the child among their so many tantrums. But being a child photographer you have to manage them somehow an also have to capture beautiful and flawless images for your clients. You can do this easily if you consider some relevant points for that which I am going to share with you. So let’s begin with these relevant and worth discussing points.

Age of the child

Age of the child really matters a lot as their behaviour changes with the change of their age. There are different ways to handle the child of different age groups as one or two year child is totally dependent on their parents, two or three year age group is most difficult to manage and above that four year child will surely give directions as the adults do. So it is advised here to manage the different age groups in different ways if you really want to shoot with them.

Make it a play

This is the another considerable point to smooth your child photography which says make photo shoot as fun game for the child and use the prop with which they can interact easily. You have to structure your photo shoot like a play so that child feel it as fun. When they are busy with their childish prop then you can get the awesome shots.

Become Friend

You have to be a friend for them who are always there to entertain the child. Provide them homely feeling so that they can help in the photo shoot and let you to take their pictures. Always ensure to keep their parents closer to them as the children are really attached to them. As a photographer you have to clear your identity and have to keep a fine line between the child’s friend and the between the person who has taken the responsibility of photo shoot.

Go with proper planning

Working with child is not easy. You have to work with them with proper planning in your mind and also arranging proper set up in advance for the shoot.  You have to be ready always with all the set- up, camera and exposure and wait for the mood and expression of the child which you can capture in your screen. You also have to keep continuous watch on the child’s expression so that you did not miss the passionate moment.

Prepare for moving shoot

When you shooting with the child there must be the expectation of some unexpected behaviour as the child never behave as you expect from them. So prepare yourself for that as child never stays in the manner you want them to live in. you have to make yourself prepare for all the mischiefs and also may have to take the moving object shot.

Be careful with angle

This is other relevant point to consider that will help you to take the perfect shots. A photographer has to kneel down to take the photographs at child’s level so that he can get the amazing pictures of the child.

Take shooting action

In this point I want to draw your attention towards the shutter speed for taking good shots. To freeze the motion you can choose the shutter speed of 250/ sec or for getting the blur effect you can use shutter speed of 125/ sec to 60/ sec and the most important one to shoot running object set your camera focus to Al servo.


At the end I want to advise you to have fun while photographing the child as it will make your task more easy.

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