Easy Steps to Shoot with Live Model

You must have listened and viewed the live model photography; it is very common in every website focusing on the online selling of the products. The products are sold to the customers by displaying with the live models or by using mannequin. The main aim of the online seller is to drive more and more sales by showing the product in most appealing and most dazzling look which standout in the minds of first of the customer in first meet. In this, model photography has steal the importance as it is the perfect way to create professional, original and well executed look of the product and it also make the customers visualizing the product and its shape and size assuming as it is worn by them. So learn these seven steps if you want to create the magic in looks of the product. So let’s begin:

Choose the model

This is the obvious thing that for shooting with the model you have to first choose your own model ready to work with you at your listed price. The another important point to be considered while choosing the model is to see whether your product will look good on your selected model or not according to the shape and size of the product and if does not look as you desire then you can easily change the model depending upon your requirement. For better results you have to maintain the consistency by working with the same model which you have selected for displaying your entire product range.

Space set-up

Space set-up is essential to manage for both the equipment and for the model. Various equipment like camera, white paper, tripod, lighting equipment needs space for product shoot. You also have to consider that your model will also get enough space to move freely to follow your directions and to focus exactly in the frame. You can set the backdrop boundaries also as it will help to know the model stay in the frame and he exactly knows where to aim the camera. Just remember you can use any backdrop or image stabilization of your choice but you have to maintain that with all your products to ensure consistency.

Have the proper light

The most important requirement for shoot is adequate lighting which is very necessary for your images to stand out. The not to forget lighting equipment are Speedlight, umbrellas, and continuous soft box lights with stands. You need to properly manage this equipment with the setup and ensure the light dropping on the model not be too harsh or if it is you have to change the angle of the speed lights. Keep on experiment with the lighting until the model arrives to get the perfect pictures.

Positioning your model

Now the next step requires you to position your model in the space you prepared to achieve your vision. Make the model understands your vision so that he can effectively take the right position. You can make it more convenient by making the cross on the floor according to your camera position from where you get the perfect shots. It will also be easy to work for the model by following the X mark.

Always shoot in wide frame

There are many requirements for all the websites regarding cropping and margins which you need to comply. For this you really need to shoot in wide frame means you have to leave ample space around all the sides of the model so that you can make the required adjustments easily.

Direct your model

Model works on your directions so try to give them directions which will go with your vision. You can tell them to look in different directions according to your requirements. Prefer to take multiple shots from various angles and in various poses to select best images from that. Don’t elaborate to avoid customer distractions.


You cannot complete the process without post production because it is very relevant to make adjustments like cropping, skin touch-ups, lighting adjustments, wrinkle removal etc. to give the perfect and pleasing look to the images in real manner.
Follow these steps for model photography to communicate accurate shape and size of the garment to your customers.

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