Photoshop Opacity Shortcuts- All What You Need To Know

Opacity is an important feature in Adobe Photoshop. Many editing can easily be done by simply changing the opacity of the image. So, this is for sure that opacity holds great significance for photo editors.

There are 6 opacity shortcuts that can make your work super simple. It also helps in speeding up the workflow. If you are someone who is hailing towards pursuing profession as a photo editor or web designer, these shortcuts is something that you cannot afford to miss.

Shortcut 1– For this, you have to click to drop down the slider and then it is moved back and forth. With every movement, the opacity value will be increased or decreased by one percent at a time. The drop down arrow has to be re-clicked to shut down the slider.

Shortcut 2– In this, you first have to click on the Opacity value and click at the up/down keys from the keyword. This shortcut is used by countless designers as it is an ideal ways to see the difference created on screen with minor change in the Opacity.

Shortcut 3– This technique is known as Nudge Faster. When you are nudging one by one, it can be cumbersome, unless not a small adjustment is needed. In a case when you wish to speed up the process, simply hold the shift key while nudging. With up and down of 10 increments at a time, the opacity value can be set.

Shortcut 4– Simply giving a numeric value to the opacity will also change the scene on the screen. In this method, you just have to type a single number such a 1 or 8. If you type 1 then the opacity will automatically go to 10%. Same way, if you type 8, the opacity will go to 80%.

Shortcut 5– Just like the shortcut above i.e. typing single digit can help in manually changing the opacity, identically; you can change it with 2 digits as well. For this, you have to type 2 digits in quick succession and computer will immediately pick the opacity value.

Shortcut 6– Photoshop is best used with the help of a mouse. If you are using a mouse, the scrubby slider will be of great use to you. In this case you don’t have to click at the “Opacity” tab. All you have to do is to take your mouse on it and scrub back and forth on it. With the motion of your finger, the opacity will increase or decrease.

The value of opacity is extremely jumpy. With a simple motion, the value goes too high or low. It usually drives people crazy, especially when you have a whole lot of work to finish. So, in order to fix this, you can use “Alt” key while scrubbing for best control on the values.

Similarly, to speed up the process, you can use shift key while scrubbing. It will increase the opacity value with 10% increments. Thus, you can work instantly on your editing projects.

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