Post-Processing Clangers That Must Be Avoided

Photography is more of an art. Not everyone can take out a camera and become professional photographers. In this profession, editing of the pictures upholds a crucial place. When you start with the photography, you allow the camera to do all the work for you such as picking colours and contrast. But as you start dwelling deep inside, you start taking charge of everything and meagre is left for the camera to do. The images then you shoot are called RAW images and raw images means, the ones that have to be edited later to convert them in the final product.

RAW images mostly appear gray and bland to the viewer. It is only because now, you don’t let camera to make decision for you and you have learnt the skills that allow you to add more spark in a dull picture. But, the neophytes usually make few mistakes that often turn their work into blunder. That is why we present you clichés that must be avoided while editing-

Lightening Shadows Too Much– Editing is like addiction to the photographers because it allows them to experiment with newer effects and create something unique. But this is where they usually make a mistake. Always allow your camera to get best exposure. The natural thing always comes out better than computer created effects. Sometimes, you would want to use shadow slider to lighten up the shadows and bring more detail in the darker images. But in the process, most of the photographers end up overdoing it. This is where you need to be extremely careful and let your image look as natural as it can.

Over Saturation– Anything that is over done will create a disaster of your photography. Professionals end up creating unnatural images by over saturating. A small bump in saturation creates massive difference to the image and its quite inviting for the editors. But then it becomes difficult to separate generic from over do. Before taking these huge decisions, it is best to take a good look at your image and see what kind of saturation it need.

Over Sharpening– We usually try to fix a picture by applying more sharpening effect. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that blur can never be fixed by applying sharpening effect. This effect surely helps in adding extra crisp to the image and making it more realistic. Every effect, be it saturation or the sharpness has to be added in a right proportion. Consider adding sharpness locally and not globally, especially if the areas of scene are intentionally out of focus.

Consider that sky appear better when it is smooth and you don’t have to add sharpening effect there. Sharpening will only increase the noise and it will also hamper the detailing of your image.

Whether it is any effect, you must be very careful before adding it. “Excess of everything is bad”, you must have heard of the phrase. Well, in editing also, you need to keep this phrase in mind.

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