Ways to Make Product Image Look Imposing with Reflection Shadow Adding

E-commerce has become a rational and most appealed platform in the minimal amount of time. Everything about it has to be imposing and striking. You can consider designers as magicians and software as the source of their power. With the help of few clicks, designers can bring up best results to any picture and make it look real and alive. While counting on the software, the one that is labeled as the best among others is known as Adobe Photoshop.

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Adobe Photoshop is fashioned with a mammoth of good features that are promising enough for uprising in designing realm. To make the picture look more meaningful and expressive, you got to use Photoshop effects. Especially if you are using Photoshop for embellishing your product images, it can turn them into something reminiscent. Today, we will discuss about Shadow Effect in Photoshop that makes every image look appealing and highly prominent.

When we talk about Image Shading firstly and commonly we mean the Drop Shadow effect. Apart of there are few other shadows that can be applied on your phoducts as shadow which will create a eye catching look of the products. You may have seen that lots of sellers on eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, SEARS, Storenvy and etc. have good reputation high sales profiles. Well, products quality and trust driven factors are must but did you ever look at their products photos? If so, you should surely find that they have a good quality product photos as well as some Pictures Editing Techs applied like photos cut out on a white background or light grey background, a Reflection Shadow or Mirror Effect Added. Besides drop shadow or just a shadow, keeping the products’ original shadow on a custom background can be a good option to show the real products appearance. Designer applies their art mixed with these pre-formed features in portraying superlative product images for websites.

Below are the types of Shadow effect and the way it can come to use:

  • Curved Drop Shadow: Firstly I would like to introduce you with Curved Drop Shadow effect that allow subject to take some space between image and shadow applied. This one is applied at the bottom of the image. The only purpose for curved drop shadow is to give a natural look to the product image. This feature is so used that it will make your product look real.
  • Center Curved Drop Shadow: To create a shadow in the center of the image, you can use this option. It is used with the help of curve that will create a shadow at top and bottom center of the image. This will also help image look more intrinsic. To create the effect, you will have to draw a duplicate layer in the form of an eclipse. Then place the image above the layer. This will help the image to highlight shadow from the center.
  • Standing Image Drop Shadow: For all standing images, this effect is simply the best. Also, it is the least complex drop shadow effect that you can give in Photoshop. The shadow is placed behind or above the image layer on the lower part.

So, these are some of the Drop Shadow effects that are used in Photoshop. It’s a fun activity and you can try these at home.


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