Scrape in Huge Bucks with an Online Store

Thinking of starting your online storefront? Out of ideas? Not sure what to do and what not to? Juggling with your mind, heart and everything coming around? This post is a sure shot answer to all your doubts and queries that are leaving you dumbstruck. Having an online storefront is a good start to promote your brand among a wider audience. Yes, it’s true!

With ecommerce sales getting along really well with the people, it’s high time you should think of creating your e-retail store now. Few features need to be there in the site to encourage more people towards the site and bring in great revenues. Get your portal noticed by the oodles of people and when you are at it, no one can stop you from being the BEST.

Choose a Nice Template

The first step is to choose a beautiful template that suits the awesome product range that you are going to sell. Hop on to any reputed theme site and select the most relevant theme. Sites like Themeforest, WIX and WordPress etc. have N number of themes listed from which you can pick one. To be considered by the viewers, take special care of the colors, fonts, navigation access and the layout of theme. Having an interior decorator theme for the kitchen products will do no good to your start up business!

Add the Products

High quality product images are essential to keep the viewers hooked and so it’s your primary duty to feed the people with the best. Detailed product description and HD images will leave a nice impression on the viewers whereas the ALT text is a connotation of repute for the search engines. Pay heed to the placement of social icons and have the customers like or share the page to endorse your brand on a wider level.

Add the Payment Method

Payment methods are important to receive the payments. Of course, you would not want to sell products for free! LOL…

Add PayPal, internet banking, credit card, debit card and COD etc. according to your preference. Make sure to keep the payment process easy as no one want to linger upon the long checkouts. It might take their whole day!

Once done with these things, add the required pages mentioning your returns, refunds, privacy policy and terms/conditions etc. to keep the user updated. Now let’s have a look on some basic needs of an online storefront:

Make the Store look Stunning

The biggest drawback of online stores is that the viewers cannot take the product in hand. They have to rely on their eyes and order accordingly. So if at this point, you excel in adding the beautiful images and put the nice elements on the homepage, the viewers will feel engaged. In the street stores, what is the first thing that compels you to walk in? For me, it’s their outer AURA that melts me and takes me inside to check out the store. I hope you get my point! A beautiful looking store can bring in anyone so to let the online viewers stop by there, display your store in a stunning way. Reports suggest that colourful layouts reflect your style and personality, so focus on that.

Run Discount Campaigns

Discounts and offers are always loved by the customers. Simply run a mind blowing sale at the store and invite people to shop. Give them free gifts to make them the regular customers. Never give them any chance of disappointment, I repeat NEVER. One disappointed customer leads to 5 more.

Create enticing and appealing banners on the homepage and add the discounted products. Once you start getting more customers, apply another strategy, let’s say “Shop in 2 days and get flat 60%”. It will induce interest among them and you will have a chance of earning huge profits.

Be Accessible

Be prompt in answering to their queries, if any. Online shoppers have only one way to get answers and that is the enhanced customer support. Drop the email, phone no. or any other mode of contact via which you can be reached. Always make yourself available at their service and earn their trust forever.

So how did you like the article? Was it informative enough or I missed anything? Leave a comment below…

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