Some Tips To Ponder To Take Photos That Sell

Some Tips To Ponder To Take Photos That Sell

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For all the neophytes in online trading, the only guru mantra of successful business is the images of products. It is the epic way to generate sales as the visual appearance of the product entices buyers and pursue them to buy things. Ebay being the leading online brand for all kind trade, there are certain tips that you need to follow in the urge to sell more at this site. The list of tips is set forth, go ahead and explore the gainful world of e-trade:

There are 11 tips in total that will give you an insight on how to improvise your sales with images:

  1. White Background: Well, recommendations say that any other color or article will play as a distraction in your product image. It is suggested to use plain white background for commotion free and highlighted view of the product.
  2. Diffused Lighting Is A Better Pick: It is generally noticed that flash lights causes unwanted shadows and other effects in the picture such as: hot spots, reflection, grayness, etc. To avoid all these hitches, you must use diffused lighting system. By using these lights, there will be no complication of reflections and shadows.
  3. Mandatory Tripod: You must have observed that capturing photos with total control of your hand sometimes take fuzzy captures. Well, there is an accurate solution for clear and steady pictures and that is a mandatory usage of Tripod. The device holds the camera in a steady position and help in capturing clear and sharp pictures. For someone who doesn’t have a tripod, any flat surface with a complete view of the product can work. You can use shutter time in order to avoid any sort of motion of the device.
  4. Ensure High Resolution of The Pictures: The DSLR cameras that are used by professionals to click product pictures are fashioned with the feature of medium or high resolution. You just have to make the respective settings in the device. This leads to impeccable picture clarity and even when buyers enlarge the product image, the clarity is not ruined.
  5. Fill The Frame: Another essential tip to keep in mind is to fill the picture frame completely with the image. People are visiting to grab a look at the product and that is why it is highly necessary to cover 80% to 90% of the frame with the product image. The product image should also be clearly visible and placed in the center of the frame.
  6. Take a Panoramic View: Pictures are to be captured in such a way that all its possible views are visible to the buyers. Capturing the product image from the top, bottom, and sides of the product is essential for best selling pictures. It is also necessary to focus on the areas that might have flaws or blemishes. All the necessary details should be visually shared with the customers.
  7. Showing The Scale: There are some products that are very tiny but the pictorial reference doesn’t give an accurate view of the product size. In such a case, you can put a ruler or a coin along-with just to give an idea to the buyers about the size of the product.
  8. No Tinting Allowed: Some settings in your DSLR can keep your product to look tinted. The setting is named as Auto White Balance that keeps the picture from tinting and gives it a bright and daylight look. For the images that have turned blue or yellow, you can use white balance settings to make appropriate adjustments.
  9. Ensure Capturing Close-Ups: The complete view of the image is quite necessary. For such images, you are suggested to use “macro” mode in your camera. With the help of this mode, you will be able to take close up images. To avoid motion blur, you can also use tripods or position the camera on the surface and take help from the feature of shutter release.
  10. Props are Abandoned: As I mentioned earlier, it is highly recommended to fill the major part of the frame with the product itself. The props will only make the frame look chaotic and it will also work as a distraction for the customers. They might also confuse the buyers if the other items are a part of the product deal or not. So, for best selling pictures, it is recommended to not to use props.
  11. Zoom Feature: The e-commerce image listings are automatically fashioned with the attribute of zoom or enlarge image. All the images must be taken in high resolution so that they don’t hamper the enlarged view of the product. The recommended pixel rate of the image should be between 800-1600 pixels as per height and width of the product. Any image less than this size will not be able to get the feature of zoom on listing.

Tips For Successful Fashion Images

As fashion is the master category that enjoys maximum sales online, it is quite necessary for the buyers to also enlighten them about the photography tips for fashion products. Here are some of the important tips that you can glance through:

  1. Showcase The Right Fit: While shopping for fashion apparels, the prime matter of concern is the right fit of the product. Well, it is recommended to use a model or mannequin to showcase clothing products. Usage of a hanger or positioning the product on the flat surface will not give you a right view of the product. That is why it is imperative to showcase the right fit.
  2. No Hidden Flaws: For people who are selling used products on the website, it is important to display any kind of wear and tear on the product. This way you can honestly tell the buyers about the exact condition of the product.
  3. Taking the Angles: It is essential to capture all the angles of products like shoes. Buyers are always keen to take a view of the shoe from all possible directions including top, bottom, front and the sides.
  4. Handbag Photography Tips: Then you have products like handbags that have various layers. Well, when people visit conventional stores for such a purchase, they always investigate the product inside out. Because of the fact that online buyers cannot do so, it is your responsibility to give them a close view from inside and outside of the bag. Rest of the information such as about the fabric and zips and partitions, etc. is to be mentioned in the description.
  5. Tags and Labels: For better impression, you must also take the pictures of labels and tags on the clothing item. If the item is unpacked and still in the box, you can also take image of the box.
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