Types of Photography

Photography is really a vast subject and it includes many types of photography that is making it even wide to acknowledge. This is the field which provides the photographer the open choice to opt for their career. Before taking any more space we must discuss the types one by one

Architectural photography

This is the type in which the photography is restricted to the visuals of the buildings, monuments and the related architecture. It is quite a complex type as remembering the colour and distortion is not possible for the photographer. It includes framing of both interior and the exterior of the building.

Documentary photography

It includes manual pictures that are used to highlight a particular story or picture. The story may be anyone that is it may includes science, fiction, and many more. Basically this is the type of photography in which pictures are used to tell the story easily understandable by the viewers. This is interesting form of the photography.

Food photography

You can make the estimate from the name that this is the photography used that deals with capturing various food items that are served everyday in the table or in the restaurant. The food pictures are used by various bloggers and then by the restaurants to sell their food products and to attract the customers for their services

 Portrait photography

This is the type of photography in which the mood or the expressions of the object is completely focused. It is your choice whether to take the full body portrait or want to take the close up portrait.


h3>Landscape photography



This includes capturing various types of sceneries from the environment and also includes the environmental conditions with that. This is the popular form of the photography and is captured after taking the due consideration on the lighting conditions to have the soothing effect on the eyes.


In this type the various events are photographed for the purpose of informing the people and the whole world about the activities and the events being taking place in the whole economy.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography is shooting the beautiful scenes from the level above the ground. It means getting the landscape shots while flying in the air. This is what we call the aerial photography.

Candid photography

The candid photography is the type of the photography that is determined with the presence of the moments in it. The main feature of this photography is that the object itself is not aware of the photographer and hence the shots that we get is very natural and seems as the relaxed ones. Use the long zoom camera for capturing these types of images.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is the type of the photography which is used to advertise the product which looks attractive and therefore customers willingly want to buy it.  It is used to shoot the glamorization of the product that is would be fashion of the industry.

Night-long exposure photography

The night-long is the photography is the art of capturing the photos in the dark light. It captures those scenes in the dark light which are not visible by the naked eye but the camera can view that easily. The main focus in this type of the photography is on the shutter, aperture, and the light. Prefer the manual mode for the ease in this type.

Wildlife photography

In this type, shooting the wildlife is selected as the main subject. It requires the photographer to be very quick for the perfect shot.

Street photography

In this type the happenings of daily life is captured at the public places and therefore is known as street photography.

War photography

It is the most difficult type of photography as the photographer has to keep himself in the adverse situation to capture the shots of the area where war is going on or the area where it is finished. The expert advice in this type is not to carry heavy accessories that may fall you in big trouble in case the situation becomes adverse.

Ok guys, that’s all for today. Hope you are now well aware of each type of photography and can self explain it without any hassle.

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