Use Shadows to Refine the Images of the Sunglasses

If you want to upraise the level of your product catalogue then using shadows with the product images is fab idea. This will make your images outstanding and web worthy.  If you can give impressive look to the product images and can enhance the shopping experience of your customers by just adding shadows then isn’t it amazing idea to use different styles of shadows in your product images?  Yes it is and my concern is to make you aware about the different shadow styles and the steps to use them to make the images of the sunglasses very awesome and world class. Before we go ahead remember every style is unique and give equal benefit to the product image so choose skilfully as per your requirement. Let’s begin this tutorial

Natural shadow

This is the first style on which we are going to talk today. This is the superb style which is very easy to apply and with that it adds drama by giving the subtle effect to the images of the sunglasses. You only have to use one light source for giving the natural shadow effect beneath the image of the sunglasses. The steps to apply this style are

  1. Open the Photoshop and start with creating the new layer with white background.
  2. Move this layer to the bottom of the image.
  3. Make the duplicate of the layer to have two layers of the sunglasses.
  4. Now select the area and refine the edges to make them look soft.
  5. Now you can easily create a mask from your selection.
  6. At this step you have to change the duplicate sunglasses layer to multiple by taking the help of the top left tab available in the layer dialog box.
  7. Now make a layer on the middle sunglasses multiplied layer and brush around the sunglasses leaving the shadow which you want to see.
  8. Use feathered brush to make everything smooth
  9. Flatten the layers


Drop shadow

This is the popular shadow style which gives very unique and interesting effect to the images of the sunglasses. You can apply this shadow style very smoothly and in very short time. It will give the imitating effect of sunlight shadow to the images of the sunglasses. The steps to create drop shadow are given below

  1. Begin these steps by creating the new layer and then fill it with the white background.
  2. Now move this layer to the bottom of the stack.
  3. Now you will tightly select the area around the sunglasses and refine the edges for improvised look.
  4. Now form the mask with your selection.
  5. Now make the oval selection which you will make around the base of the sunglasses.
  6. The next step is to create new layer from the oval selection under the sunglasses layer.
  7. Now do the adjustment to make your selection very dark and feather the edges.
  8. To form a nice fall off shadow you will use a feathered brush keeping its opacity 30% and use it around the edges of the selection.
  9. Make sure to dark the area and light the shadow under the eye frames of the sunglasses. You can adjust the opacity if the shadow seems too dark.
  10. Now flatten the layers.

Reflection shadow

The third shadow style is refection shadow which is able to give the dramatic and refine shadow effect to the images of the sunglasses. It will make your product photographed on the reflective surface. The steps are

  1. Form new layer with white background
  2. Move it to the bottom.
  3. Make duplicate of the original layer.
  4. Select the area and refine the edges.
  5. Now rotate the layer by 180 degrees and see two pairs one is right side up and one upside down.
  6. Do the alignment in such a way that upside down look likes the reflection of right side up.
  7. Create the mask of the upside down layer and use the gradient tool. Use it until you get the desired look. Keep close the opaque part near the sunglasses and the least opaque part farthest from the sunglasses
  8. Use brush around the base of the sunglasses and adjust it accordingly by using brushing to give natural look.
  9. Flatten the layers.

That’s it about the different styles of the shadow. Use it and make the images of the sunglasses very awesome.


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