Various Types of Photo Retouching – a Detailed Guide

Various Types of Photo Retouching – a Detailed Guide

Photo editing has become an important area when it comes to photography. Since the organizations and companies are in desperate need of outstanding and flawless images, photo editing is something that cannot be overlooked. Image retouching is another form of photo editing that is used widely to enhance the ordinary pictures. It includes the services like color tone, brightening colors, red eye removal, old photo restoration and spot removal etc.

Here are types of photo retouching services which are used by many companies across the globe:

Jewellery retouching

Jewellery items need to look perfect to attract the viewers and convince them for buying. A customer will get attracted only when there are no spots and bad faded colors on the images. Also, it is important to present the images beautifully and that the jewellery looks clean and clear to the eyes of the viewers.

Model Retouching

Fashion magazines are in huge demand and so the need for model retouching arises. Have ever seen a photo in the magazine with flaws or spots on the body or face? No? It is not because the model has flawless skin but it is the result of model retouching. Using retouching tools like spot healing brush tool, clone stamp tool and patch tool etc. the photos are edited to look glamorous. Since a dull looking model does no good to the brand’s credibility, having stunning images bring more customers.

Furniture Retouching

Well, the furniture you see in the catalogues and brochures look so beautiful that you get immediately tempted, isn’t it? It is all because of photo retouching that highlights the products and using color correction tools, each product is enhanced to exude a polished look. Sometimes while clicking the picture, unwanted backgrounds are captured so to remove them, background removal tools are used. It makes the images look better and smooth which appeals the viewers but this method is bit complex and should be done skilfully.

Shadow Retouching

Natural shadows are perfect if captured properly but can ruin the picture also if the shadows are harsh. A picture looks gorgeous with natural shadows but if you miss the chance to capture them, there is always an option to add shadows in Photoshop. They look quite natural and no one can spot the difference but for that, shadow retouching is required. This is a method using which the picture can be augmented as per requirement as with natural shadows, you don’t have any control over the intensity and amount. With Photoshop shadows, you are free to add any type of shadow and make the product pop.

Old Photo restoration

Last on my list is old photo retouching. With time, the pictures tend to fade and lose their originality so old photo retouching is a method which is used to give the photo a new look. With this service, you can even restore the torn and stained photos to relive the memories again.

So what are you waiting for? If your images need retouching, go for it after identifying the type and get mind blowing results.

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