Why Are Background Removal Techniques Important for E-Commerce?

Why Are Background Removal Techniques Important for E-Commerce?

The web is being swept, swayed, and controlled by e-commerce portals like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and more. Even small businesses are setting up e-stores and online portals for selling on the web. Whether these businesses are setting up their own websites or selling through giant e-commerce portals, the goal is to sell to the end customers.

Preparing the product image for the e-commerce store

So the first step of making a product ready for the e-commerce store is to get its pictures clicked. The pictures should be clicked well from different angles so as to showcase its various parts and specifications clearly. E-commerce stores hire the best photographers who can click captivating pictures. So are the services of photographers enough to make the pictures ready for online sale? Well, no.

The photos reach the editing table where seasoned editors and graphic designers enhance the pictures by giving them special editing effects. They use the tools and techniques of image manipulation, retouching background removal, shadow addition, and more to make the images more attractive and saleable. Once the pictures are edited, these graphics experts optimize the images for the web. They check the resolution of the image and add certain tags that direct the web search towards the image faster.

Background removal

Products like shoes, clothes, electronics, and jewelry are shot against some background. When the digital pictures are viewed, the background might seem distracting or unappealing. For e-commerce sale, products are usually placed against white backgrounds. This makes the object look clear and attractive. The potential buyer’s focus too, does not waver from the object in a white background.  For removing the dull background from an image and placing the object in a new background, the technique of clipping path is used.

Clipping path

While there are many selection tools like the magic wand, lasso tool, and more. The pen tool from Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful tool to outline the clipping path of an image. This tool precisely outlines every aspect of the image, without leaving out the intricacies. After the clipping path is drawn around the object, it is then detached from its background and placed against a white background. The image instantly starts looking neat and appealing.

Another advantage of clipping path is that you can remove the background from an image and place a white background instead. The shadow and other picture effects do not need to be disturbed. This makes the image look natural and realistic. The best editors add various editing techniques to an image and still the end-result look natural and untouched. This is where a seasoned editor rises above his competitors of the editing fraternity.


Clipping path is a highly robust and powerful tool that uses the pen tool from Adobe Photoshop. The pen tool can be used to make the background white, colored, transparent or remove it completely. Various image editing techniques can be added to the product once its background has been changed.

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