All About Exposure in Detail

Shooting at auto mode is the most recommended advice given to the beginners in the photography. It is basically suggested as it considered as the safest play in the photography for the ones who are not completely prepared for the experiments with the camera. Auto mode means capturing the image without actually changing any of the important camera settings that may be ISO, white balance, aperture and the exposure. The companies provide the user the ready-made software in the cameras that helps to capture the images in the best possible way but shooting at auto mode restricts the refinement of your skills so there is a need that after practising in the field you must have challenge yourself for the manual mode that includes changing various camera settings as per the requirements. You will be enabled to use the ISO, aperture and especially exposure according to your knowledge and skills about the photography. When we are talking about the manual mode then the first step for which you have to take your foot is the exposure settings and in between that we study the underexposure and overexposure in detail. So let’s head towards the main topic of concern that is exposure by first discussing the meaning of the exposure

Meaning of exposure

In simple terms, it is the amount of light that the object is getting during the shoot and is measured by lens aperture, scene luminance and the shutter speed.

Correct exposure

Correct exposure means the exposure of the image in which the image looks right neither with too much light nor with the less light. It is captured in the perfect light required where all the shadows and the highlights are accurately and clearly visible and technically if we explain then the correct exposure means what your camera gives to you at the auto mode. It is also preferred to capture the images in the correct exposure to have right balance of light, shadows and all other highlights.

Creative exposure

Creative exposure means by using the exposure at manual mode of the camera in technical terms which may be unexposed or may be overexposed according to the brain of the photographer and his requirements. It allows me to explain the details about the under exposure and the overexposure to you in full detail. Now have a look on both of them:


As the name is suggesting, underexposure means not having ample light in the photographed images and they show too much darkness. The concept of the underexposure relies on the fact the darker the photo is, the more it is said to be underexposed. This is basically used by the photographers as one of the creative technique and there is nothing wrong in using it for the creative mind. It will be sometimes used by the photographers for adding dramatic effect into the picture so this is confirmed that all the underexposed images are not bad.  There are ways to fix the images that are underexposed while developing it. Let’s check out the ways

Add some light to correct underexposure by turning on the flashlight or by using the reflector for it.

You also can adjust the f/stop and it will give more light exposure.

You also have the option of increasing the shutter speed


It is exactly the opposite of the underexposure and can also be used to effectively to add creativity in the picture. In this the excess light is allowed in the photo which makes it as full blown or white washed photo. It basically hides the details by letting the excess light to go in the picture but sometimes it can be used to allow more details to emerge on the object.

Just the technique is opposite the ways to correct the overexposure is also opposite. These are

Reduce the light by using the dark reflector or moving it to the shade.

Change the f/stop and this time go little bit closer to it.

Or the last is to decrease the shutter speed.

That’s all about the exposure and its two types that is underexposure and the overexposure.



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