All About Photo Masking Services You Need to Know

All About Photo Masking Services You Need to Know

Photoshop is the biggest contributor in performing all the editing tasks by providing the varied variety of tools and techniques. Photo-masking is an important tool of Adobe Photoshop which is widely used by many editors to change the background of the image. This is the technical tool which is only used by professional editors to perform the background change behind the object or is used to remove the unnecessary background. This is the tool which only affects the background of the image and not on the shape or size of the image. This is the tool through which you can enhance the image look by maintaining the original look of the images.

Whenever you think of changing the background of some particular image which is not so perfect for that, then you have to consider the photo-masking or image masking tool for that. The image making is the only tool made to fulfill your image needs towards background which in itself plays a big role in improvising the image look.

This is also very effective from the point of view of the photographers as they did not have to rush again and again to the client’s place to get the perfect background. They can get the desired look easily by using the photo masking tool available in Photoshop. It also saves their cost of traveling and with that reduced their efforts also.

However, photo-masking is the technical tool as the editors first have to observe the image needs properly and only when they implement the changes on it. This increases the work of the editors as correct image observation is very crucial to get the aspiring look of the images. One more important thing about photo-masking is that it can also be used in combination of clipping path.

After this detailed discussion let’s head forward to the types of photo-masking:

HAIR/FUR MASKING: This is the most time-consuming technique among its various other types. In this type of masking, focusing on soft/ thin line edges because of the involvement of hair is very important to get that refined look. This technique really needs a professional hand.

LAYER MASKING: This is the next type in which pen tablet is used to give soft and polished edges. In this category, you will directly apply mask to the layer using that soft and refined edges which are created with the help of pen tablet.

TRANSPARENT OBJECT MASKING: As the name is suggesting this type of masking deals with the transparent objects like glass, bottles, fabrics, sun-glasses, etc. You easily can change the background of the transparent objects but by retaining the originality which is always the prime focus of the editor.

ALPHA CHANNEL MASKING: This is the type of masking in which you will get the convenience of editing the file anytime when the need arises. This type allows the removal of background and saves it an alpha channel through which you can edit the images anytime.

This is all about photo-masking and its various types.

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