Bonus Tips for Adept Product Photography

Given the high significance of Product Photography, here are some bonus tips that you can refer. Photoshop is a perfect way to give most realistic touch to the images. Whether it is about removing the backgrounds or adding shadow to the product, all can be easily done via Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of the bonus tips that you can refer:

Blending the Photos with the Design:

I would like to demonstrate this point with the help of an example. You must have heard of Pinterest. It is the best social media platform where images are used and pins are created. While a pin is created, multiple images are used. You need to ensure that images of products that you are using are of high quality and complement the background. Same is the case with website design. The images should be so presented that they goes perfectly with the design of the website and also the color theme. To avoid any kind of distractions, it is always recommended to keep things simple and plain.

Gray Card:

Gray Card is basically a middle gray reference that is used with reflective light to create consistent color exposure. It helps in keeping color rendering balanced and consistent. Gray Card is best usable for older versions of cameras that are equipped with least controls. Also the usage of gray card will give more realistic look to the image. In such a case, you don’t have to do any post –exposure color adjustments. These cards are easily available with any of the photography store in a minimal price of $10. If you are using a latest camera then you might find an inbuilt function of gray card test photos. All you have to do is to read the manual carefully and try to learn about all the specifications of the camera.

Use a Tripod:

Tripod is a three legged frame that is used to position camera for adept photography. It is portable in nature. Usually, all the expert photographers take help of a tripod as to take sharp, professional and consistent photographs. There is no need for you to own a high end feature rich tripod. You can use any of the normal one. For the shooting of floor products, you need to buy a tripod with horizontal extensions. With the help of these extensions, the tool will extend horizontally, right above the ground level, parallel to the product where you can place your camera and capture best images. With the help of horizontal extensions, troubles like vanishing lines, patchy image depth and linear distortion can be prevented.

Photography Tips - Use of Tripod

It is quite necessary to take tripod depending upon the size of the camera. Also the quality of the tripod must be considered as your priced camera is to be positioned on it and you surely don’t want it to get damaged by falling. Therefore, the tripod must be strong enough to handle the weight of camera. While storing, it is recommended ensure that whether or not you will be able to reset it for the same kind of product shoot. You must take full measurements of the legs stretch and other features.

Light Reflector:

Light reflector are available in market in multiple shapes and sizes. These are used to provide even spread of light during the session of product photography. With the help of more light, you will be able to provide a fresh look to the images. Depending upon the size of the product, a normal sized light reflector is sufficient enough for perfect photography. Bigger once can be used while you are taking pictures of people or doing videography. Now there are three different types of reflectors that can be used: White, Gold Foliated and Silver Foliated. If you wish to have maximum light, it is referred to use gold reflectors or silver reflectors. White reflector comes in use when soft and warm glow is required.

Use of Light Reflector in Photoshoot


Specifying the Process/ Decision Making:

It is important to follow an approach while the session of product photography. It doesn’t matter whether you are working alone or you are working with the team, a plan or an approach always help in saving maximum time. You have to acknowledge what you are looking for and then make a strategy to achieve the preset goals respectively.

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