Considerable Tips while Retouching the Photos

Considerable Tips while Retouching the Photos

Retouching the photos seems a pretty easy task but it is not true. If you want to retouch an image, you should follow the right strategies and steps to get the results right. Sometimes the techniques fail but that doesn’t give you the right to give up. Instead, give in more efforts and get the perfect looking images. Don’t you know how to retouch the images with a right technique? Follow these expert tips and get the desired results:

Retouch the Full Image

By this I mean, never think of retouching the part of the photo if it makes the whole image look bad. Many beginners do this to finish the task soon but if you are going to retouch the face of a subject, consider retouching the entire photo. Any spots, black patches, blemishes etc. are fine but if you are thinking of editing the colors or tone, do it for the entire body as well. Or else, the picture will look discoloured and the viewers will immediately notice the difference.

Also, because no one is perfect, don’t remove all the marks but keep the moles or birth marks intact or else the picture will look plastic. For an example, if you are retouching the photo of a dog you should keep the wrinkles in order to give a natural look to the image.

Don’t rely totally on Tutorials

Tutorials no doubt are informative and you can learn a lot but don’t rely on them totally. Be a little experimental with what you do to achieve creative and unique results. Photo retouching is a vast concept and there are a lot of tools to play with. So when you follow a tutorial, use different tools to see what results you get. Understand the tutorial first and apply it exactly same but after that, use your mind and produce something different to get your own version.

Curves can mess up

Being a beginner, you can be really messy. Don’t use curves if you are not aware as the wrong use can impact the color and skin tone really bad. Especially if you do not have the original copy saved, you can lose your favourite image. So before trying your hands on this tool, turn the blend mode to luminosity.

Eyes reflect the personality

Make sure the eyes are sparkling for a photo to have a perfect finish. Since the eyes are a reflection of one’s personality, it is important to retouch them too if there is any flaw. Red eye is quite a common issue in photography due to the camera flash so while retouching the photos, don’t forget correcting it.


So these were few essential tips on how to retouch a photo. While applying any retouching tool, make sure to enhance the images by sharpening the necessary details that might get lost when you retouch. Experimenting is the only thing that can take your editing to an advanced level so don’t fret and keep on trying with all the tools in Photoshop and you can never get enough of them.

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