Creative Jewelry Photography Ideas and Photography Settings

To attract more people towards your products or services is quite a daunting task. You need to be creative and look unique in order to bring in a wider audience and have them try your products. Various kinds of backdrops and props are used to enhance the appearance of the products and highlight the best features. When it comes to jewelry, you have to be extra cautious while its presentation because people are way too conscious of what they buy. Plus, they are interested in having a look at every smallest detail of the jewellery piece which they are going to invest in.

Creative Jewelry-Photography Tips

So here we give you some ideas to create eye-catching jewellery pictures, check them out:

Jewelry Photography Tips

To start with, clean the piece to remove any fingerprints or smudges from your jewelry photography. It is important because editing these minute things in the post production phase takes a lot of time. So to make things easy, don’t forget cleaning. Take a cotton cloth and lay down the jewelry piece on the table, wipe it off slowly and make sure not to touch the piece with bare hands. Wear gloves to be on a safer side or you can also use tongs to hold it while cleaning.

Camera Settings for Photographing Jewelry

For Photographing Jewelry, there is a special kind of aperture setting to use. Usually small or mid range apertures are used i.e. f/8, f/11 or f/16 to capture crisp and clear shots. In jewelry photography, try not to blur the background and keep as less things as possible in the surroundings to get a natural effect.

Jewelry Photography Lighting

Natural lighting plays a major role in jewelry photography. Although jewellery is shot against reflective backgrounds to add artificial reflection, yet natural lighting is beneficial. Setting up expensive lighting equipment is important as you might need to shoot pieces at night. But when you can capture shots in natural light along with natural sun reflection, wouldn’t it be great? All you need to do is place the product near the window, diffuse the light (direct sunlight can ruin the whole appearance and the picture will look too bright) and start clicking the pictures with your camera already set up on the required aperture. To diffuse the light, use some white fabric and hang it on the window.

Now the thing is where to place the camera to get the shots right. Basically, there are no fixed rules for that because every person has different set up and you have to look for the most appropriate angle from where the pictures will come out to be perfect. First of all, set the camera to manual exposure mode and there you go!

Shoot with iPhone

As you may know, it is possible to shoot images using your iPhone if you don’t have your camera handy. But before that, you have to decide the platform on which you are going to put the jewelry pieces. Since every website has different layout, it’s your turn to choose the preferred layout and click the images accordingly. If you are not sure, use square photo formats.

Now focus on the piece and touch the shutter without shaking the phone or else the pictures will be blurry. I hope you don’t want to start all over again so be careful.

Post Production

Once you are done with the images, it’s the time to check them in photo editing software i.e. Photoshop. Open the images and see if there are any flaws like casting shadows or bad background. In this software, you can add sparkling effects using the filters, add shadows if you have missed while clicking and also can enhance colors, if needed.

Other than Photoshop, there are many other applications which are used widely to enhance the dull pictures. Some of them include Snapseed, Camera+, PicTapGo, Darkroom, and iWatermark etc. You can choose from these apps as well to transform your images but make sure the image quality doesn’t change. Whichever platform you choose for image editing, read some tutorials to use its tools properly and get amazing results. Once you will start using them, you can unleash more features, filters or effects that can be applied to your jewelry images to make them look stunning than ever.

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