All About Portrait Photography Editing

Every photographer who is engaged in Portrait Photography wants to capture the outstanding and the finest portraits of the subject and for that it is mandatory to capture the seamless beauty of the subject taken by the photographer that can make the portrait even more amazing. It is really a kind of research work where photographer must have clear idea about the nature, likes and features of the subject he is taking for the purpose. Portrait photography is based on the concept of capturing the original personality of the subject with the highlighted features that can make the portrait meaningful. The main hurdle of this type of photography is that achieving the natural beauty on face and that is the topic of today’s discussion. This is not possible to have flawless face without the blemishes, wrinkles or any spot so removing is all the flaws is the clear indication to others about the portrait editing. So this is not the correct way. You can do that with the help of the frequency separation technique. Let’s discuss that technique for portrait editing.

Portrait Photography

Have Insight About the Term Frequency Separation Technique

You must have heard about the unit of the digital photography. That’s right pixels is the unit used for digital photography and every digital image is made of the pixels. The same idea is about the frequency. Images also contain lots of frequencies like the pixels. Understand it by dividing the frequency in two parts that is higher frequency and the lower frequency. These frequencies are used effectively to produce flawless retouching results.

Open the Portrait Photography

The first step directs you to open the Portrait Photography in the photo-shop which is the purposeful editing software for this task. You have to create two duplicate layers of the image with the help of CTRL+J two times. This is dome to save the original image from any type of effect that we are going to use in further steps.

Naming the layers

The next step points towards naming the duplicate layers created above. Name the upper layer to ‘high frequency’ and according to the flow name the lower layer as low frequency. Now you can hide the upper layer by pressing the eye ball icon.

Apply effect

The effect about which we are talking about is the Gaussian effect and that is applied to the lower layer. This effect is applied to the lower layer by using the filter and then afterwards you have to select the effect that is Gaussian blur after clicking on the blur. The next job is to of dragging the slider. Move the slider to the right to have the blurry effect and this will hide the wrinkles and pimples from the face. After doing this you have to select the upper layer by first bringing it back.

Apply image

Now you have to apply the image by selecting the high frequency means upper layer. Click on apply when the dialog box appears. Now select the lower frequency and blend the layers by selecting subtract as the option.  Alter the scale values to 1 or 2 and the offset will be 128 and press ok. Now it’s time to change the blending mode which is of the upper layer to linear light from the grey embossed type. When you apply this change you will get the photo in original appearance like that you desires.

Selecting lasso tool

Now take the help of the lasso tool by selecting the lower frequency layer. Here you will change the value to 25 to 27. Remember the value is of feather of lasso tool. You have to cover the forehead and move on the next step. Use the filters and the blur and then Gaussian blur to for the slider to appear. Use this slider for removing all the pimples and spots from the forehead. When you feel happy and satisfied then click ok. You can use the steps for the chin or cheeks also by using the preset of the Gaussian effect from CTRL+F. The result of the efforts will be the flawless beauty that you want.

Editing pimples and dark spots

Now use the healing brush for editing of all the pimples and dark spots from the face. It is advised to have the brush of size bigger than the pimples. Using the Alt key you will accomplish the task of removing the pimples and be successful in getting the spotless skin

Find it easy then must try with the pictures!

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