Get Over these Photography Mistakes to be a Pro Photographer

As a beginner in photography, there are few things that need to be taken care of. You have made the right decision of pursuing photography as a profession so purchased the necessary camera and gears, now what next? Taking out the camera and going to shoot just everything you see on your way is definitely not the right approach.

Shooting stunning photos is a fortunate gig and not everyone is lucky enough to click superb shots. Sometimes the pictures look good and sometimes not. Do you know why? Because you are a beginner in photography niche and keep on repeating the basic mistakes! Pictures look blurry, noisy and the backgrounds look distracted, why? It is because of the mistakes that I am going to mention here which should be avoided:

Never just rely on auto mode

To have the perfect shots in hands, never ever rely on auto mode only. I repeat never! Yes, the cameras have automatic modes for your ease but if you will start relying on them only, then you would not be able to click beautiful shots using your creativity. Bring out your skills and click gorgeous shots using the surroundings, angles, poses, lighting, movements and various subjects. No matter the automatic modes are life saviour but, they are merely a tool to help you master the art of photography with less efforts.

Automatic mode does everything on its own and doesn’t let you decide what to do. Would you want to do that? If you want your pictures to exude what you want to, then avoid using automatic mode.

Change the settings

For each shot, settings are different. ISO, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, colors and contrast are all different for each shot. So don’t forget to change the settings once when you are done with a particular shot. The camera saves the settings in the memory so it is your duty to change them before the next shoot. For example, you shot the dark cloudy sky with the required settings and the pictures looked great. Now after few days, sun is shining brightly and you again shoot the outdoors with the same settings. Would the pictures look as expected?

Set a focal point

Focal point is very important while shooting pictures because unclear focal point leads to bad images. The eyes sticks to the central point of the image so before photographing anything, make sure to determine the subject and what you are going to shoot. The backdrop, surroundings and location have to be perfect for an amazing shot. Ensure that the subject is placed in the right place so the viewers can find it in the first look.

Be Stable

Don’t move around enough while clicking the pictures. Avoid bending, leaning, jumping, standing, running no matter what happens because if you do, the shots will come out blurry. Be still while shooting if you want your photographs to look amazing and fabulous. Pictures hold an important place whether they are for ecommerce site or any other niche. Be different by shooting the pictures for various angles and you will see an exceptional element in the final shots that you always have been craving for.

Avoid using the built in flash

Flash is not always helpful because you don’t always need much light. Sometimes the natural light serves the purpose and in that case, the built in flash makes the photo too bright or shed awful shadows. A pro photographer never makes much use of the flash so if you also want to take one step towards successful photography, say goodbye to flash. Click good quality shots using the natural light wherever possible and if not, use reflectors instead of using flash to bring extra light.

Take a Backup

To err is human is a very common and popular saying which is justifiable here. In photography, you can delete the good photos while deleting the bad ones. Can you afford to lose a masterpiece shot by you? Definitely not! Always backup your work in a separate hard drive so if by chance, your laptop crashed down or you accidently delete the photos all in once, there is an option to recover them. Other than that, keep all the photos on cloud storage and access them any time, any place and from anywhere.

Don’t miss editing

Every photo has to undergo some sort of editing to look the BEST. Every photographer whether a beginner or a pro, applies editing like cropping, adding text, changing the color or contrast and red eye removal etc. It is because, every natural shot is good overall but to have it published on the sites or magazines or anywhere else, editing is required to make it look awe-inspiring. So make it a habit to edit the photos a bit to let them attract the eyes of the viewers.

So are you ready to publish your work using professional photography?

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