How to Use a Mannequin for Apparel Product Photography?

Ghost mannequin is used by ecommerce retailers to give an appealing and professional look to their products. While with this technique, the products look good to the eyes of viewers, it also brings in more business. As it is quite clear that lifeless and boring apparels laid down on a flat surface don’t look professional on a web store, it is important to shoot them using a ghost mannequin and give an invisible man feel.

Particularly, ghost mannequin is used for apparels like shirts, blazers, dresses, jackets and jeans etc. to let customers know how it will look like on them. Plus, the renowned brands make sure to maintain a particular style on their websites by using mannequin. Let us bring clothes to life using a special type of ghost mannequin without the help of any image editing software.

Keep these tools handy:

  • Ghost mannequin with removable chest and arms
  • Camera
  • LED lighting
  • The garments to shoot
  • Clips or pins to style the garment on the mannequin

Select a right mannequin

Every garment has different fitting and style so it is important to choose a mannequin that fits your product. While mannequins come in range of sizes and styles, you have to act careful while buying any of them. Of course, for every garment you cannot buy a different mannequin but still keep this point in mind to have a variety of mannequins along with styling pins to adjust the fabric when needed. Save your time by grouping the clothes like shirts, blazers and jeans etc. and buy three mannequins.

Dress the mannequin

Now make the ghost mannequin wear the dress you want to shoot. For an example, if you want to shoot a blazer, start with the sleeves and gently fix the shoulders on the mannequin. Make sure it doesn’t have any creases or uneven lines or wrinkles in the fabric as it leaves a bad impact on the viewers. If there are any, adjust those using clips or pins at the back. For a blazer, you have to remove the chest to give a hollow man effect.

Style your cloth

There are areas where the garment doesn’t fit properly so to style that, you may need pins or clips on the back to tighten the fabric. Because the mannequin is not specifically designed for your blazer, styling is extremely important to make sure the garment look symmetrical and there are no wrinkles or creases in the final shot.


Lastly, keep the LED lighting perfect in every sense to keep contrast, shadows and exposure consistent. Place reflectors or white boards to lend a nice light to the garment to highlight the important details of the fabric. Take your camera set up on a tripod and focus your lens to start taking pictures of the garment. To show different angles and possible details, zoom in the lining, buttons and stitches for the customers so that they can know everything they want to.


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