Is it Possible to Photograph Bikini on a Ghost Mannequin?

Although it is possible to shoot bikini or lingerie on a ghost mannequin, yet it needs a lot of practice and professionalism to achieve the desired results. Shooting bikini is a challenging task as it has intricate lace detailing which is hard to adjust on a mannequin. So instead of using a mannequin, we are here to give you some knowledge on how to photograph it on another platform. To enhance a web store or catalog, bikini photography can be done on flat lay table.

With this article, you will get to know how to shoot women’s bikini and look creative to the world. It is all about styling the straps and lacing details when it comes to click such images. Here are few techniques to make it look good and neat when laid on the table. To learn it, gather these tools first to get prepared:

Equipment you need

A table

You need a table with white top to photograph the bikini range. If you don’t have the white table, keep a white sheet or edit the background in the post production phase.


A high quality camera works wonders when it comes to shooting the products. A Canon camera is recommended for professional shoot.

Studio lighting

LED lights are recommended to make sure the shadows, exposure and contrast are perfect and consistent.

Set of women bikini

Keep the bikini ready which you want to shoot on the white surface

Double sided tape

Double sided tape is essential to keep the bikini attached to the surface so that it doesn’t not move while photographing.

Let’s now talk about the styling the bikini:

Lay the underwear on the table top

Put both the underwear and bra on the table top whilst keeping enough distance between them. The upper and bottom should be according to the distance between waist and chest of the human body to make the image look natural.

Place the underwear securely in a straight manner

Here you will need double sided tape to hold down the underwear securely without any lines or scratches. Keep it on the tabletop and make sure it looks symmetrical. Sometimes the fabric is stretchable which makes the product look bad with uneven appearance so in that case, use the tape to balance the fabric. It is important to manage the bottom and top of the underwear and the bra which has elasticity in the fabric.

Arrange bra straps

Once you are done with the styling of underwear, it’s the time to shoot the bra straps on the tabletop. To do that, do the taping at the back of the straps and secure them on the table. Keep the straps parallel and pointing straight to give an appealing appearance to the eyes of the viewers. Next to give the final touch, cross the top straps over to make a nice loop and then using the double sided tape, tape them down.

Hide the labels

Since it is hard to retouch the labels, it is suggested to hide them using a pin. Roll the label tightly and you are good to go. Make sure that the front and bottom looks even as the fine lines or scrunches ruin the whole appearance.

Ready to shoot

Now take your camera and start clicking the pictures from all the possible angles, if you want.

Although it needs practice and expertise, it is not impossible if follow the tutorial right and have all the necessary tools ready before the shoot. Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries!

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