Interesting Facts About Architectural Photography

Interesting Facts About Architectural Photography

Have ever seen the giant and huge buildings in the magazines? How stunning they look? Isn’t it? The fantastic pictures of the large structures look absolutely great as they are shot with special techniques and tools. It is called architectural photography that needs skills and professional equipment for the results to come out perfect.

In architectural photography, a building is represented virtually to create an illusion of reality. If you would like to take interesting architectural shots, pick your camera and get down the road:


Like all other photography niches, lighting plays a great role in architectural photography too. A building cannot change it angle so you have to have control over the lighting conditions. If the natural light is not good at the time of your shoot, set up your camera accordingly with the proper light positioning.

Weather Conditions

Here the weather conditions don’t matter much because the buildings stay as the way they are. You are lucky here because whether the day is cloudy or sunny, you are bound to get the most beautiful shots. To check out the various effects, take the same picture in varied weather conditions. It will look amazing!


Use different lens for different shots. Yes, you read it right. To get impressive architectural shots, you should never depend on only one type of lens. Keep a wide angle lens and telephoto lens with you to frame a beautiful picture. To give the images a complete look, you can use a wide angle lens. On the other hand, to make sure that the walls look straight, make use of telephoto lens or else the building will look distorted.

Night Shoot

Buildings and huge structures look the best at the night time. So to make them stand out, consider setting up your photo shoot in the night time as the frame looks complete and fuller. Because, at night the buildings are well lit and moon light also hit them from the top, the colors are highlighted nicely and a different charm can be seen. So wouldn’t you want to shoot the buildings when the sun has set?

Shooting the Surrounds

Capturing the buildings doesn’t mean that you cannot shoot the nearby surroundings. Suppose, while shooting a building, you see the sun setting and the view is outstanding. Add it in the frame to give a natural and realistic look to the whole structure. Whether or not to add the surroundings? Confused? I would say to add them if you feel that the surrounds are interesting and can lend a statement of style to the shot.

Reflection is good

Adding reflection in the photos is good as it makes the picture pop. If the subject is shot casually, adding reflection can do a lot good to the photo. Reflection builds a nice platform on which the subject is laid upon to give an impressive look to the viewers. To name a few, you can add someone walking on the wet road or show the reflection using sunglasses.

Explore your Nearby Areas

To get perfect with the architectural photography, explore the areas around you. Everything is around you if you have a keen eye and it doesn’t matter whether there is an old big house or a newly built huge building. Interesting buildings are all over the place and all you need is a creative sense.

You can go anywhere and everywhere to shoot the buildings, structures, mansions or small houses. Everything comes under architectural photography so what are you waiting for? Pick your camera and begin with capturing those impressive tall buildings or mansions you have been adoring for so long.

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