Dive in the World of Pet Photography

Dive in the World of Pet Photography

Babies are our bundles of joy and so do the pets! Pets are our faithful friends whom we can rely on no matter what the situation is. Stuck with thieves at home? No worries, your pet can save you from the worst. Have ever wondered how photographing those furry pets feel? It is like a challenge to capture them according to what you want.

The experienced photographers have a creative knack for photography and you being a new photographer, has to understand the concepts in detail. In order to bring out the lovely side of the pets, I am writing an article mentioning few tips to use:

Prep up in Advance

Pet photography needs you to prepare in advance where you have to set up the camera accordingly. When the pet acts or reacts according to what you think, capture them immediately. Animals are quite unpredictable and you cannot expect them to wait for you to take their picture. So be a little quick when they pose and click the picture with all the settings made beforehand.

To start with, I would suggest using aperture priority or shutter priority mode so as to get expected results.

Go Close

Pets are smaller in size but not all of them. So if you have a smaller pet like a puppy or a cat, try going closer to it so as to get it fit in the frame nicely. At times, shooting them from the distance doesn’t bring out the results as expected because they get lost in the frame with the background taking more attention. Moving pets make for nice action shots so don’t lose this opportunity at all. Use fast shutter speed and show the pet was moving while the picture was taken.

Communication is Important

To produce stunning results, interaction is important. As you know, for model photography, you have to interact with the model to make her feel comfortable while the session, same is the case with pet photography. Pets love to play with their owners so avail this chance and capture an oh-so-good shot. Engage them in their food, toys or anything they like and capture a variety of images. Other than that, you can take some random shots of them having their meals or playing with the kids in the house. Isn’t it fun?

Lighting or Shadows

The most basic factor of having nice images is the lighting! Never use flash for pets as their eyes tend to change their color when light flashes. Also, it can distract them from the camera which will ruin your whole set up that you have done after a lot of hard work. I suggest shooting pets in the natural light when the sun is not at its peak. Additionally, keep the house properly lit with windows and doors open so you can capture them in a gorgeous way.

Pets Differ

Pets are different in looks, size, behaviour and color etc. So consider this factor first before you begin shooting them. Like the humans, pets also need to relax and feel comfortable before the photo shoot and to make them feel realistic; you should understand their basic character. A pet loves to be in the jolly place so let them get calm down with their owner and once they come in their comfort zone, start your work.

All in all, you should give your best in the pet photography as you do in human photography. If you are creative enough to shoot them while they are engaged in some activity, it would be PERFECT.

So when are you going to start?



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