Peek-a-Boo into 13 Free and Awesome Shopify Apps

Shopify came out of the blue a decade ago to offer a hassle free experience to the owners as well as the users of the retail stores. To build an online store, there is a die-hard need of Shopify owing to its free and premium plugins that are used to customize the features accordingly.

It is a platform where over 400,000 active users are there and with time, the number is increasing rapidly. To add the buttons or features like Facebook chat, email marketing, rewards, SEO or coupons etc. these Shopify apps come in handy. Here are some free Shopify apps to ponder upon:


Grow your email list from the Shopify store as its pop-ups and banners attract the viewers to drop in their mails.

Happy Customers

Put this customizable app at the bottom or top of the site wherever you feel expedient. This app shows the number of customers who have ordered the products at your store and it helps in gaining more customers’ trust.

Sales Pop

Give a kick to your sales with Sales Pop application as this app displays the active buyers for a particular product. Information is sent to the viewers about the current shoppers and it helps them to buy your products with more trust and faith in your genuineness.

Quick Announcement Bar

Update the customers about any latest promotions or events happening in your company. You can also auto schedule the bar to display the updates for the next months if you want.

Free Shipping Bar

One of the most important things for the online shopping is the free shipping. No one wants to pay this extra amount and here free shipping come as a sigh of relief. This bar offer free shipping to the customers and displays the message when the order is eligible for free shipping.


Ever heard about dropshipping? It is a technique where the purchases are done via third party and then sold to the customer. Find the product from AliExpress and click the Oberlo icon which will then make the product ready to be sold at your portal.

Better Coupon Box

Display the unique and creative coupons to the visitors and ask them to subscribe which will further help in increasing sales.

Don’t you want to earn genuine customers? Use this app at your store to give away the rewards to the visitors when they make the first purchase. Give them coupons on referrals and when any friends buy a product, give a reward to them as well. Avoid the guest checkouts by offering rewards on the sign-ups.

Photo Resize

Now resize the product photos in a uniform look and make your portal look professional than ever. It is an automatic app that will resize all the photos in a square form. Try this out.


Want to operate internationally? Add Doubly app and show the local currencies to the local customers i.e. USD, AUD, INR or any other currency. Use this for free up to 5 currencies.


Customers need to know about their product delivery status and so AfterShip is an essential app to show them what they want. Install this application at your website to let the customers track their shipments.

Consistent Cart

I love this one! This app never lets you lose the items that you save in the cart for future purchases. Log in from another device and get access to all the items. But don’t overestimate the app when you are not logged in. LOL! It will not show the items in that case, of course, the app cannot take dreams.

Happy Email

Send a thank-you mail to your customers whether regular or occasional. This app sends an automatic message thirty minutes after the purchase is made on the portal. Isn’t it a great way to interact with the customers and push them to buy more owing to the value that you give them?

Add few or all of these apps to create a personal feel with the customers when they visit your site. They work wonderfully and incredibly for the Shopify stores, so why wait then? Go ahead and turn your business towards a new edge!

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