Perks and Refusals of Shooting with Models

Perks and Refusals of Shooting with Models

Photography is a vast concept that covers everything ranging from a pin to plane. Across the globe, one can shoot anything, just anything using creativity and exceptional mindset. But for that, the subject has to feel or look comfortable to bring the outstanding shots. Before capturing the photos, make sure your subject is calm, relaxed, free of stress and cheerful.

Today I am going to talk about the pros and cons of model photography that are shared by the experts. Check them out:

I will move in an opposite way by starting with the don’ts first so that you feel more positive while reading the dos.

Dos of Model Photography

Never Push the Model in Harm

The most important thing is to never push the model into something harmful. I understand that you want the shot to be perfect but not at the cost of model’s life. Never ask the model to stand in the middle of the busy road or beneath the waterfall if you don’t have the required safety measures. If you really want a stunning and unique shot, provide the proper safety and ensure to keep the model comfortable throughout.

Never be rigid and less Talkative

Communicate with the model and let him/her know your requirements while taking the pictures. Models cannot read your mind so it’s your duty to tell them what you want and if they are posing properly. Explain your ideas to her to make the most out of the shoot.

Never Touch the Model

Touching the model is not appreciated without permission. If you want the model to pose your way, ask her but don’t touch her if she is not comfortable with this. Be decent while shooting and if the model is friendly with you, adjust her or position her in your way.

Never be Disrespectful

Never sound disrespectful with the model and beware with your words you use. Humans tend to feel bad so make sure not to give her any hint of non-comfort that she feels offensive working with you.

Dos of Model Photography

Show your Best Work

To make the model believe in your work, it’s suggested to show her your good photos. It will make her feel connected and genuine towards you and also she will be excited to get photographed by you.

Give Feedback

Give nice feedback even if you feel that she is not posing the way you want. Motivating her will make her feel positive and she would act according to you. Don’t shout or get rude while shooting. Stay positive and experiment with the poses with her help.

Get her in the Comfort Zone

For that, you can play her favourite music so that she feels comfortable while posing. Everyone gets relaxed and light-mood with music so ask her favourite numbers before the shoot begins to bring her in the comfort zone.

Show her the Poses before the Shoot

You might not be a good explainer so to direct the model for the poses, show her the images. It will help her to understand your mind and pose accordingly. Also, you won’t have to touch the model to direct her or at some point, you may feel frustrated explaining what you want to achieve. So keeping the images in your phone is a good idea.


Be professional with your work and sound sophisticated with your words! Never give the model a chance to doubt your gentleness so make sure to keep the sensitivity of your model intact.


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