Never Try These Things with your Expensive Camera

“To err is human” is a common and practical saying. We all perform mistakes whether small or big, on daily basis. Being a photographer, you have to be extra conscious about your camera, gears, tools, and other stuff. It is your duty to take care of your incredibly expensive camera and so you should not leave these things behind.

Today, I am here to outline a few things to avoid with your camera or else it can give rise to problematic situations. Check out:

Never Leave your Camera Gear in your Vehicle

Never leave the gears in the car as they can be stolen or damaged by someone. Do you want someone to smash your car and take the gears out? If not, don’t leave the gears in. Also, the gears may or may not be stolen but can get too cold or too hot. Because, the camera tools and equipment are too sensitive and delicate, it’s essential to keep them in required surroundings.

To not let the camera lens get exposed to extreme temperatures, it is highly important not to leave it in the car. Image sensor is extremely delicate and can get damaged when heat hits it so make sure. Would you ever want your camera to get smashed up?

Avoid leaving it in Auto Mode

Auto mode is a nice feature in the cameras but only if you are a beginner. Once you start getting control over what you shoot, it’s high time you should now switch to other modes and effects etc. To move further, try using the aperture priority mode or shutter priority mode as they are the semi auto modes. The camera helps in taking pictures using these modes also but not completely, you can use your own creativity.

Learning the camera controls is not a rocket science but, of course, needs your attention and efforts. With aperture and shutter mode, you can choose the ISO setting in which you can control the sensitivity of the camera’ sensor to light. Next, we have is program mode that makes the camera select an aperture and shutter speed itself whilst you choose ISO. So it clearly shows that you can control the camera partially and leave the remaining on it to get outstanding shots.

Avoid Shooting Single Handed

When you shoot with one hand, it’s like ruining the whole shot because hand may shake thus making the shots blurry. Without stability, camera shakes as your body makes tiny movements unknowingly which results in shaky images. It’s not that with one hand, the camera shakes but with two hands too, you can get shaky images. Why? Because, body moves and while pressing the shutter button, that movement shakes the camera. So to give yourself a chance to shoot breathtaking pictures, have a tripod ready with you as you might get a chance to click those scenic mountains or huge oceans in the middle of your journey.

Avoid Frequent On/Off

Turning on and off your camera kills the battery even more than expected. Yes, you heard it right! Let it sleep by itself to save the battery power so as to make the LCD, sensor cleaner and other gears go to sleep naturally. Or else, these electronics suck the battery power thus reducing the camera life.

If you don’t need the camera anytime soon, let it sleep and when the need arises, wake it up naturally again. Set the timer to decide for how long the camera stays on as you do it for your televisions, air conditioners etc.

So these are few tips to keep the camera up and running for long. Avoid all these things to prolong the camera’s life. Have a good day!

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