Create Stunning Background Blur with iPhone 7 plus Portrait Mode

iPhone is an outstanding gadget used by a lot of people these days. To create amazing looking portrait photos, iPhone 7 plus portrait mode is an awesome tool. It allows you to create a shallow DOF which helps in providing a stunning blur background. I am going to mention here how to use this superb portrait mode that will give you highly professional looking photos. Are you ready to get nice and wonderful images with background blur?


To create a shallow DOF in the photos, iPhone 7 plus has an exceptionally designed portrait shooting mode. I hope you know about the shallow depth of field but if not, let me tell. It is a method that blurs the background while keeping only the part of the image in focus. In iPhone 7 plus, a special type of depth effect tool is embedded that brings out the beautiful portraits.

When you want the subject to look sharp and clear, focus on blurring the background and this effect is usually called BOKEH effect.

Is Shallow DOF actually required?

Yes, of course! Professional photographers make use of the shallow depth of field to add depth to their images. It is because when someone wants to keep a clear focus on the main subject, background is blurred so as to bring the eyes towards the subject only. Many a times, you might have seen that the backgrounds take away the whole attention due to the clutter or extraordinarily gorgeous surroundings. So it is essential to create a soft and dreamy background against the subject.

Because the foreground is an integral part of an image, shallow depth of field is highly important in portrait mode. When it is important to emphasize the subject, shallow DOF comes in scene but when the focus is on determining the foreground as well as background, this technique is not a good idea.

How iPhone works in Background Blur

In iPhone 7 plus portrait mode, you have the control over what should be in focus and what not. It almost works like the DSLR and allows having a grip over the shallow depth of field element. Images with distracting backgrounds look good when the backdrop is a little blurred to take the view on the subject only.

Want to Use Portrait Mode?

You now have plenty of reasons to use the portrait mode in your iPhone 7 plus, so let us check it out how. Just open the camera app and swipe through the shooting modes. Keep on swiping until you see the Portrait highlighted in color yellow. Switching to the portrait mode will make everything bigger because of the activation of 2x telephoto lens.

To get the flawless and outstanding portraits, the telephoto lens is a great pick. Now as you start with clicking the pictures, you will see few instructions on the screen like more light needed or move farther away etc. It will help you frame a beautiful shot which you might miss otherwise. Next, when you get everything in place, i.e. at the right distance from your subject, DEPTH EFFECT will be highlighted in yellow color. It is to let you know that you are now shooting in the shallow depth of field mode. Click the capture button to take the shot.

Shooting in portrait mode with depth effect save 2 copies of the same image, one with blurred background and other one natural. You can clearly see the difference in the blurred picture and how gorgeous it looks with shallow depth of field.


iPhone is an amazing gadget with lots of awesome features. You may or may not know all! To get great landscape, portraits, architecture and any type of shots, it is a perfect device. People who love blurred backgrounds can make an effective use of iPhone 7 plus portrait mode to give their images an appealing look. Previously, this feature was a USP of DSLR camera but now when iPhone is offering, why not use it?

For a lovely background blur, bang on with the portrait mode!

Bonus Tip: If you actually want to achieve the commendable results, choose a background with some details. A plain background does no justice to the shallow depth of field effect no matter how professionally an image is clicked.

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