Photoshop Retouching for Product Images

Photoshop Retouching for Product Images

Photographers click a picture in raw format which is large in size. When we share images on the web or send it to someone via email, it is better to resize them to smaller sizes. For professional purposes like online marketing and e-commerce, pictures have to be resized to meet certain standards and requisites. Images can be resized easily in Photoshop.

Importance of Photoshop techniques

When you change the size of an image in Photoshop, its resolution also changes. When you decrease the pixels in an image, it will lead to a reduction in the quality of the image.  Therefore, brands and marketers should seek the services of expert image editors who can resize the images without hampering the picture quality of the photograph. They further enhance the image by various techniques like clipping path, retouching, image masking, and so on. Correct background of an image is vital for presentation. Adobe Photoshop techniques like image masking and clipping path are used for background removal. The image is clipped and placed against better backgrounds for optimum focus and clarity.

Steps of resizing images in Photoshop:

  1. Click image- image size.
  2. The image size dialog box opens. The height and width of the image are given.
  3. Ensure that Resample image size is selected. Changing the number of pixels will change the photo size.
  4. Type a size for the dimension you want.
  5. Resize the image by the certain percentage you want.
  6. Click constraint proportions checkbox. See all dimensions are changes accordingly.
  7. If you want you can click Cancel and Reset if you want to restore the settings to the original size.
  8. Click OK to resize the image.

Some handy tips:

  • When transferring photos, via email, ensure that they are zipped for maximum protection.
  • Follow guidelines of authority e-commerce portals like eBay and Amazon for your product photos. Always measure the images that you plan to upload on the web, to ensure that they follow guidelines.
  • Once the image is resized, do apply other editing techniques like image manipulation and color retouching for making the picture look even more attractive.
  • By resizing images, you might have to change the shadow of the image. You can use the technique of drop shadow for adding new shadows of appropriate sizes to the resized image.
  • Adjust the placement of the product in the image such that it easily catches the buyer’s eye and every detailing of the product is specific and clear.
  • Use effects, filters and masking options offered by Photoshop to add the extra element of appeal to your image.


The e-commerce industry has revolutionized the concept of image editing and brought skilled image editors and designers to the forefront. From marketers to popular celebrities all over the globe, everyone is on a lookout for retouching and editing experts. The correct resolution of your image is vital when uploading pictures on the internet. Resize them carefully such that they maintain their quality as well as meet the standards specified.

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