Do Presentation and Backdrop Really Matters to E-Commerce Product Photos?

Images are the hero of your website!! They are powerful, persuasive and inspiring. Using them correctly for your e-commerce website can really attract potential customers to buy the product. It’s because the online portals are like the shops behind mirrors where people cannot go and just take a look from outside. So when this is the case, you have to be very assuring in showing extremely stunning imagery to the viewers to entice them.

For an example, adding a visual menu to a restaurant boosts the sales by 30%. Presentation do matters as people feel connected to the visuals and remember it even after years. Suppose, you are exploring some website to buy clothes, so will the product description be the first to catch your attention or the image? Hope you get a clear answer to why presentation and background matters.

While browsing any online portal, people like checking out the product from every possible angle to make sure that it fits their requirements. So show them what they want!! I would suggest creating your own pictures to make them stand out by adding some unique elements. There is enough garbage on the internet so let’s be exceptional with your choice. Here are some principles of good photos, take a look:

Principles of Creating Stunning Images

  • Backdrop
  • Add as many details as you can
  • Take Right Props

Now let us throw light on each of these factors one by one in detail:

Backdrop: You must have seen tons of images being displayed on a white background just putting focus on the product. However, it is true!!

For an instance, you want to show BURGER to people in a way that lure them to buy it. What would be your approach? Showing it on a boring white background or keeping it in a plate by adding ketchup, fries and a glass of coke? Selling food online is difficult so it becomes crucial to add smell or flavour in the image. Photos must look so original to cover up for the lost taste and smell.

Now this picture has some key qualities that can be noticed by everyone. Let’s see:

The backdrop is just so perfect focussing the product properly that makes it difficult for you to say NO.

Second, the fries in the plate are looking so tasty thus making it a perfect evening meal.

Next, tomato ketchup has been shown to add some spice and coke with ice is at the front. Displaying a product in this way actually tempt the customers to buy. On the contrary, replacing all these things with a bag of apparels would seem good? Definitely not!! So how you exude your product is important, though.

Add Details: People cannot hold the product shown on an e-commerce store. Also, they cannot feel it. So it’s your responsibility to make them feel the product and create a sense as if they are holding the product. This factor is true when we are dealing in clothes or some tools etc.

Now, in this image, you can clearly see that this is a hand blender with few attachments. Had it been showed in a closed box, no one can know what’s inside it. Qualities of the image are:

Attachments have been shown to let you know what all it can do.

A puree bowl is kept indicating that the blender can blend tomatoes well.

Whisker is there showing it can beat eggs or anything that you want to.

Surroundings are great showcasing a kitchen that creates a sense of originality making the viewer feel the product. Also, you can add zoom option to let people focus closely on every attachment to get a better view of the blender.

Take Right Props to Shoot Flawless Images: Settling on right type of props is crucial as it can make or break your sales. People are over impressed with the visuals so try adding beautiful props to your images but only the relevant ones. There is no point adding an absurd prop that doesn’t defines the image in any way. Make your props look relatable to the product by adding a nice theme. But make sure that they don’t distract people otherwise.

The main product must be quickly identified by the viewer as your aim is not to make him lost in the picture finding the product. Obviously, the product needs to grab the major importance.

I found this image on some baby products selling website and what I liked was the prop they have used. A beautiful cot has been showed with soft fur bedding on which the baby is sleeping. The knitted crochet costume that the baby is wearing is the main product that can be clearly spotted by just having a look at the image. The background is also perfect.

3 things are used in this image but still I can clearly see that the image is focussed on baby costume. So your product must look the exciting thing to attract the viewers, in particular.

Apart from the props, never use logos of other sites in your pictures. If you are using any of their pictures, make them unique by adding your information and details so that the viewer doesn’t feel as if you are not genuine because people explore every similar website to make their purchase.

In context photos are a real win-win if you actually want your potential customers to go wild with their imaginations. Just set up a simple in context pictures and see a huge boost in your sales with only the perfect images and nothing more than that.

The General Picture

To crown it all, I would say that a lot of factors are involved while shooting product photos for an online portal. For example, website design, speed, navigation, pricing, product photos to name a few. Among all, product images hold major significance because people try the product before buying and they will never compromise with the quality of images.

Which image would attract you – Blurry or HD? Superior images are the selling point of any online portal so take it serious.

I hope you have managed to learn much from this article and will try to use these principles in your websites.

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