Quick Checklist of 5 Items if you are starting up an Ecommerce Store

Starting up a new e-commerce store is altogether a cumbersome task. Planning, thinking, processing and implementing the ideas to make the portal run successfully is actually an intimidating chore. While at the start, it’s a great idea to make your own products and sell them online. Perhaps, it has a dual effect i.e. homemade products are well perceived by the audience and secondly, people make the product successful through word of mouth, if you deserve.

A big round of applause for all the natural and organic product companies who are coming forward for the welfare of people! Wouldn’t you like to contribute to such a business and put a personal touch on the products? Here are few ironclad business options that you can refer to sell your products like hot cakes:

Beauty and Bath

With the booming interest in natural and organic products, it can be a good start. Everyone likes to pamper their body by cuddling in the aromatic soaps, splendid bath showers and beauty products. A huge consumer market is there who would love to buy homemade bath and body products at any cost as far as the products are really beneficial. For that, you will have to do some homework on the target audience and the regulations to pick this type of business.

Let people feel the charismatic fragrance of the body lotions, exfoliating body scrubs, pocket perfumes and body oils etc. These products are attractive to both the genders alike.


Another popular product is various types of accessories like belts, ties, scarves, socks, pins, headbands, tote bags, handbags and much more is included in the list. A perfect concoction of these accessories can take your portal to new heights where you will be awe-struck with the success you have achieved in the shorter span. Be creative, stylish and exceptional in the manufacturing process and create your personal branding. Smart accessories are trending owing to the fact that there is a lot of versatility and a room to add a style statement.

Make sure to upload the finest and choicest product photography to grab the user attention or else your efforts in making the mind-blowing pieces will all go in the bin!

Greeting Cards

With the use of limited materials, greeting cards are the most accessible thing to be made from home. If you have a crafty knack, use your creativity in making out the commendable stamps, greeting cards, scissors, glitter, paper, ribbons and embellishments etc. For the professional looking greetings, you can check out your wardrobe and utilise them to create the aesthetical designs. Though card making is a laborious task, you can use your skills to create an engaging design.

Posters and Canvas Prints

Creating artwork and posters is a unique art that not everyone possesses. To create a beautiful poster or print on the home ware items is a good idea to kick start your e-commerce business. You can either print the design on the home items like blankets, mugs or pillows, the print art looks appealing. Also, in the innovative era, whatever niche market you choose, it is likely to bring in fruitful results and more revenues.

Don’t forget to upload the gorgeous product pictures on the portal to grab the immediate attention of the customers. Bring out your creative side and earn huge profits through your skilful art.

Scented Candles

Candles look attractive as they can transform a dull environment into seductive one. People like going for aromatherapy sessions to relax their nerves and muscles, so wouldn’t it be a great idea to make candles and sell them in the reputed salons or spas? Try making the scented and soy wax with the required materials and ingredients. Why wait to start your personalised e-commerce store dealing in scented candles?

That’s all folks! Inject your creativity into making these products at home and see your business growing by leaps and bounds.

Never forget the phenomenon of adding the nice and beautiful product images in a bid to lure the viewers!

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