How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

Do you know How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell? Suppose you are an online business holder dealing with shoe selling on e-commerce, amazon, and different social websites. But if you don’t do product photography and upload them to your website, is it possible for the world to know about your product? 

Again, you captured photos of shoes keeping them in the box. Does it look pretty to catch the view of the customer? Can they check the nuts and bolts of the shoes?  

Well, in the E-commerce sector, you can’t dream of selling a single shoe without shoe photography and can’t think of an outstanding photo without employing Ecommerce Image Editing Services. So, on the whole, shoe photography is a must for online shoe businesses to display your shoes and drive sales. 

Shoe photography is a little bit of a tricky task. So let’s discover how to take pictures of shoes to sell online.


Design a Plan: First, plan your work and then execute your plan to achieve your goal on a specific task. Here, planning is like the road map that will guide you in the direction of achievement. At the very moment that you go for a shot of your shoes, you must research to plan and sketch the process for better output.

Prepare Your Shoes: First things first. Before you ring up the curtain on capturing a photo, make sure your subject is ready to give a pose. Yes, I am talking about your shoes. Before starting photography, prepare your shoes to make mint condition because none will knockdown on a spot or without a detailed photo. Good preparation can reduce your time consumption on post-production. 

Get instruments ready: Take a good camera with a good lens for the best photo. Select a lens of 15mm or more than that. You can employ a tripod that will diminish camera vibrate and allow you to prefer any shutter speed. You can get a tripod in the market, varying from affordable to expensive. 

Configure your studio: A good environment can impact the look of the shoes. That’s why, to generate a non-distorted photo, you can set up the studio before starting photography. For example, set the tableland immediately to a window to take advantage of natural light. Next, cleanse the table and place a table runner if possible. If you decide to put the table runner, make sure you are not using a printed one; rather, use the solid color contrasting the shoes. You can employ a non-reflective and seamless white paper roll that won’t cost you much. 

Set Background: For product photography of an e-commerce business, background plays a notable role in emphasizing the product. The more you focus on the product, the better view you get, resulting in high sales. For e-commerce product photography, most photographers prefer a white background since it provides a clear vision of the product. You can walk out of the crowd by utilizing a different background. But make sure you are not using a background that distracts attention, or the product gets lost with the background color and elements. Moreover, not only on the background but also on the underneath of the product should get focused. However, some online platforms like Amazon or eBay set out their specific photo requirements that you have to meet to get more sales. 

Fix Lighting: A good camera with a lens or a good background won’t be enough to generate a good photo if there is no proper lighting. You can facilitate natural lighting, but sometimes you have to arrange artificial light. For that, you can buy a lightbox for shoe photography. You can utilize it for any product photography. Besides, the most important fact is that it will facilitate you with a backdrop and surface along with a light setup for professional photography.

Deploy a Diffuser Sheet: When you apply natural light to your photography, it won’t always facilitate you with honey light. Sometimes, the light will seem harsh. At that time, you have to add a feature in your lighting system that uses a diffuser sheet. It will prevent the harsh light and make it softer. You can get it from an online platform like Amazon. If you don’t afford to buy it, you can make it yourself with printer paper, parchment pieces, etc. 

Shoot from the different angel: Customers purchasing online can’t check the product physically; rather, they decide based on the photo with details. That’s why, to get a clear vision, they prefer more and more photos from a different angle. In the case of shoes, they demand to check major slopes like top view, top-down and side view to check the sole, design, back part, etc. Try to focus on at least 5 angles: Eye-height, High pitch, Low slope, Bird’s sight, and from corner to corner.

Utilize different styles: The first impression is the last. That’s why try to capture your shoes in a manner that is simple as well as eye-catchy. Employ different presentation styles to create an amazing photo that generates curiosity to try the shoes. Follow different strategies for different shoes like a sneaker, heels, and casual shoes. You can correspondingly skim through my other blog on  how to display shoes for Pictures and How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

Shot Nuts and Bolts: Product attribute plays a critical role in the online market. However, capturing different angles is not enough to satisfy consumers. They investigate to make sense of the ins and outs of the shoe. So you have to showcase the design of the shoes with specialty if there is any. For example, focus on the heel part, front side, or the lace design to showcase the style with design. 

Utilize fixtures:  For some shoes, especially the boots, knee-high boots alone can’t stand to give a good view. It would be best to employ different stuff to add a real-to-life view. You can use tissue, ripped paper, drink or water bottle, etc. It will be more creative and attractive if you apply a handy background for such a photograph. 

Customized presentation: Well, what if you get a pair of shoes made according to your preference? That would be great, right? You can visualize that in your shoe photography if you provide such a benefit, tailoring shoes according to the customer’s preference. It will make them more interested. Of course, for this, you have to go for Photoshop Color Correction Service if needed, along with photo editing. But, it would be best if you did it to stand out from the crowd.  

Fantasize the shoe with leg: One of the smart ways to showcase the shoe nowadays is steering the leg wearing shoes sitting or laying on a surface. But, of course, you can do it too. One benefit of this technique is that other surroundings or the model can’t distract the focus from the shoe. 

Playing mode: If you want to display the durability and stability of the shoe in the water, you can capture the shoes in playing or working mode. Of course, the best capture will be if you employ a rainy or water place. 

Focus user-oriented detail: When scrolling online to buy any shoe, the customer first focuses on design. After that, the most important thing that they consider is the size of the shoe and don’t forget about the brand name. That means you have to capture a few photos to visualize the shoe size, brand name, soles, and other information directly linked to making a purchase decision. 

Shoot lifestyle: To sell the shoes online, you can go for shoe photography, visualizing a lifestyle where a photo can set a scene. It will help the customer correspond to the requirement according to the lifestyle. You put things on a white background to show a lifestyle message for this photography.  

Floating photography: It’s a unique and fun photography style that you can follow to display your shoes through photography. In this process, you will capture the shoes floating in the air. It’s like adding magic to your photo – How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

Visualize a story: A picture worth a thousand words. That’s why we call it a storyteller. So let your shoe photo tell a story in detail without any clutter through visualizing new office life, new parents, newly married, etc. 

Engage a model: You can engage a model for your shoe photography if you can avail of the budget. It will add more appeal to your product, giving the customer a chance to check how it will look once they wear it. It will be like icing sugar on the cake if you employ a renowned figure. Their fans will feel more interested in checking out your shoes to buy. However, during shoe photography for selling, remember the below things- 


  • Select a middle-size foot for shoes.
  • Make sure the legs are slim and captivating.
  • Try to capture action photos like walking, jumping, or dancing
  • Match the dress pattern and color with the shoes. 
  • There should be a harmony between shoes and attire. 


Alternative to Camera to Take Shoe Pictures: How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

A high-resolution camera can aid in generating a high-quality photo. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have that. You can continue the photography with your android phone too. Check out the below things before you start photography with your mobile: 

Charge the Device: What will happen if the photo gets shut down in the middle of your photography? Check the mobile charge to avoid such incidents. 

Backup Storage: Mobile is an electronic device, and anything can happen with this. That’s why I try to keep backup storage for the photos. But, of course, you also should move through the same practice for safeguard purposes – How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell.

Adjust White Balance and Exposure: Go to the camera setting to modify the white balance in sync with the light temperature. Also, don’t forget to adjust the exposure. 

Lock the camera settings: After you are done with all the settings in your camera, make sure you lock the camera settings to avoid auto-adjust. 


Dilemmas In Shoe Photography: How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

At the very beginning, I mentioned that shoe photography is tricky. Therefore, you will face many difficulties during the photography. In this part of the blog, I will share those problems. 

  • Most e-commerce platforms demand white background photos. But when you already have a white product, it creates a problem because it will lose its existence in the background.
  • When you need a pure white background but don’t have any, you must seek a professional’s service to make the perfect one. Without their support, you can’t construct it. 
  • Due to light or brightness settings, sometimes the shoe loses its original color, and sometimes the outcome becomes demolished. In that case, you can’t but seek the photo editing process. 
  • It’s impossible to capture that photo directly to create a creative background to show a tailored product. In that case, you have to knock on a photo editor to create the scene. 
  • Shadow can make the photo authentic and believable to be real. Unfortunately, an unprofessional can’t create a perfect shadow. So, to create a proper shadow, you must seek assistance from a specialist. 
  • Sometimes, you find spots or unwanted objects in your photo that distract attention. You should take a professional Photo imperfection fixing service to remove such objects.


How to Make Outstanding Shoe Photos for Selling?

Only capturing can’t ensure the best photo to charge attention. So here is more to do to make it outstanding. That is the photo retouching. In most cases, you need to retouch for different reasons. For example, inappropriate photography, environment, spot, over or underexposed. Let’s come to the point of making such photos appropriate to upload online, catching attention, and raising profit by high sales. 

  • Open the photo in photoshop. 
  • Do photo culling to pick a photo to start editing. 
  • Using the pen tool, select the subject and outline it. 
  • According to the outline, you will cut the photo from the background. You can do this Cut Out Image Online, but those may not provide a satisfactory result. 
  • Place the cut-out image in a new background. 
  • Now, it’s time to smooth the edge to give a real-life look. 
  • After smoothing the edge, you have to employ Photoshop Color Correction Service to ensure a stunning color. You can utilize the brush tool to add an appropriate tone. 
  • Adjust the Hue/Saturation and add a shadow to create a natural appearance. 

After going through the above steps, your shoe picture is ready to upload on the website, Instagram, or any other online platform. All the processes mentioned above may seem hard to crack for you because they demand high proficiency with great skill. However, as a newbie, you may not possess that. Therefore, Cut Out Image is there to share a dab hand with and ensure outstanding photos for your business. 


How to Edit Shoe Photos in a Smartphone

After capturing photos using a mobile phone, you can also edit them on your phone. Let’s know step by step process to do this: 

  • Download and install the app: If you search in the App store, you will find many photo editing apps available there. Pick one from there and install it on your phone after downloading. 
  • Open the photo:  Once you have installed the app, you will get access to edit photos. Open the picture you need to edit in your app. 
  • Do the needful edit:  Once you open the photo, you will get multiple settings to edit your photo. Now it’s time to modify brightness, exposure, contrast, etc. Add shadow if you feel to add; however, you may not directly find this. Don’t be seduced by filters, frames, shades, and oversaturation. Try to do only the needful edits to make it real. 
  • Save the photo: After all modifications according to your preference, you are done with editing, and now time to save it.  

The Don’ts for Taking Pictures of Shoes to Sell

Good shoe photography can lead to generating more views and raising profit. So, to make it happen, keep in mind some don’ts tips as below: 

Don’t Lay Shoes as Flat: A flat pair of shoes seems lifeless. So, during photography, make sure you are not just capturing photos keeping them flat. Such a photo provides very little information about the shoe. That’s why we use different objects to give a vivid look. 

Don’t Mess up the Frame: The untidy background is a big no for almost every kind of photography because it distracts the attention. That’s why I try to keep the frame as simple as possible. Remember, simplicity is the best. 

DON’T Use extreme lighting: Even if all the components are in good shape and position, you can’t consider it a good photo if there isn’t proper lighting. It is because, without proper lighting, your product can’t grab proper attention. Besides, incorrect lighting can emphasize the imperfection and spots in the photo. So, set up the light correctly instead of using a harsh one. 

Don’t Operate Fuzzy or Soft Focus: Smooth focus can be creative in many photography categories. However, the consumer finds it as an annoyance in shoe photography. Few customers will check this if your main subject loses its focus due to fuzziness. Instead, they will move to other products since it prevents them from seeing what they buy. It keeps them in a mysterious box. 

Don’t Trim Awfully:  After capturing the photo, do it carefully if you need to crop to emphasize the subject. If you do it incorrectly, it may lose its appearance. As a result, it won’t create a vivid look to capture the customer’s attention.

Don’t Provide Too Few Angles: Since the photo is the only means to judge a product online, the customer prefers as many photos as possible. To meet such preference, you should provide photos from different points of angle. If they don’t find enough photos, they won’t check more of your shoes to make the buying decision. 

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